Mid-week Randoms

What day is it? Okay, so it's only Tuesday but with the week I've had, it myswell be Friday! So mid-week randoms is fitting. First, my brother-in-law, niece, nephew and I ran in a St. Patty's Day 5K last Saturday. I haven't ran in a few weeks so I knew I wasn't prepared but was more-so doing it for fun. Plus, I didn't have anyone to run with so figured I could run with my niece Brecca. Costumes were encouraged.
(Tuxedo shirt courtesy of my Dad)
The race was fine but Brecca and I couldn't find our groove. She tends to go with the sprint/walk method and I like a slow jog. There was a lot of encouraging her to keep going, only to have her pass me a block later and run ahead of me for awhile. I stopped caring about a mile in, took out my earphones so we could chat, and enjoyed the quality time with my niece. Afterwards, I enjoyed every single bite...of this.
We went to Papa Randy and Janis' new house for the afternoon and let the kids play outside. Tylee was actually sunburnt on Sunday, even though it wasn't that nice outside. Overall, it was a great day in Chanute. I love days with my family.
Then, this happened.
Yes, Tamiflu. Tylee woke up Sunday morning kinda grouchy but honestly, she is a pretty moody 4-year old so we didn't think much of it. TJ told her to go lay back down to regroup, and she ended up watching cartoons most of the day. We played a little and ran some errands, but in hindsight, she must not have been feeling great. We noticed a cough creeping up around dinnertime but snuggled and went to bed like normal. About midnight, I heard some commotion in the bathroom and shortly after felt TJ lay Tylee down in our bed. I was shocked to hear very, very labored breathing. I sat up and said, "Uh, that is not okay" and TJ said, "Yah, I don't like this at all. Let's take her to the ER." We were in the car within 5 minutes and in the ER, getting treatment less than 20 minutes later. I do not have good experiences with the ER - it is usually hurry up and wait. It was fairly busy but Tylee must've been in bad enough shape that they got some people right on it. We saw the doctor, got a breathing treatment, flu test, and X-rays all within the hour. The flu test came back positive for Influenza B and the nurse instructed us that Tylee would be absolutely miserable. I googled it on the way home and it said:
"When your child gets the flu, she will probably develop a fever (temperature greater than 100°F), usually quite rapidly, often accompanied by the chills, headaches, lack of energy, a dry cough, and muscle aches and pain. As the illness progresses, other symptoms such as a sore throat and runny or stuffy nose may develop and worsen. Some children also have abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting."

Niiiiice. Especially since we just dealt with a nasty stomach bug last weekend. The nurse was right, she has been absolutely miserable. About 10am yesterday morning, I was wishing they would've admitted her. She asked to get in the bathtub but then couldn't get herself out. I stood her up while I got the towel wrapped around her, she took 3 steps towards the bed and fell down. She was just so, so weak. Things are looking up today but she is still a very sick little girl. She hasn't done anything except play on the iPad or watch cartoons for almost 48 hours now and is actually back asleep as we speak. Her voice is totally gone and her cough is horrendous. (Have you ever tried to deal with a 4-year old who can't talk? I'm torn between saying it is nice and quite vs. very frustrating.) I've never experienced anything like this and I cannot wait until she feels better and life can't get back to normal.
In other news, I weigh-in for Weigh-in Wednesday in the morning, which should be interesting since I haven't done a damn thing except eat since the 5K on Saturday. I've been close to my daily calorie goal each day (not counting the beer I drank on Saturday) but I haven't been eating "clean" at all. (Hamburger Helper, anyone?) I did, however, make this in the crockpot for lunch today and it is delicious. One of my favorite soups is Taco Soup and this is very similar, but a chicken version. The recipe can be found here and when I put it into My Fitness Pal (without the Sour Cream) it is 300 calories for a 1 cup serving, and I got about 5 cups.   
Well, I can think of a million other things that I should be doing other than blogging but I haven't gotten to do very many things for me the last couple of weeks (Mom? Mom! Moooom? Mooooom!) so I said screw it and grabbed the laptop for a little break. The laundry buzzer just went off and I just heard Tylee cough up a lung so as usual, duty calls!

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