Last Thursday night I was geared up to meet TJ for a beer after work, when my MIL called to tell me that Tylee wasn't feeling well. "Her belly, back, and neck hurt," she said. Hm. Obviously, that derailed our plans to meet-up for a beverage so I thought I'd stop by the Liquor Store and grab a bottle of wine since I had the urge for a drink that night. Then, I put it into My Fitness Pal to see how bad it was and saw this:
I only get 1200 calories a day so that bottle (you know I can't just drink a glass) was half of my food calories for the day! I was going to buy it anyways and stretch it out over the weekend (ya right) but by the time I got to Tylee, I knew the only place we were going was home.
Once I got some Tylenol in her, she was fine (or so I thought) so we went on about our evening. We ate dinner (ramen noodles for her), played a little "office", and then she wanted to snuggle on the couch with TJ. We were watching Duck Dynasty re-runs and about to head to bed and continue the snuggling when she threw-up all over TJ, the couch, and the carpet. This continued all.night.long but by the time my alarm went off, I assumed the worst was over. Then she told me she just pooped...and was laying in bed next to me.
She fell asleep about noon on Friday and took a pretty long nap while I made her her favorite, homeade noodles.
I had hoped we were in the clear after nap time because this is usually only a 24-hour bug, right? I was wrong yet again and the worst wasn't over until Sunday morning. Not a noodle was touched until dinner last night and even then, she only ate a few.
So that is how we spent our weekend: in bed, on the couch, or in the tub. I have never been so happy to walk into my office this morning and not hear, "Mom!?" for 8 whole hours. Also, I would've given anything to have that bottle of wine Saturday afternoon.

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