January Phone Dump

I'm officially a bad blogger. Does everyone else agree that January sucks? Christmas is over, it is super cold outside, and there is nothing to look forward to until Spring. (Unless, of course, you are counting the days until my 30th birthday party, which I certainly am but doubt anyone else is!!!) Pretty depressing. We've still been chugging along but am really looking forward to BBQ weather, camping, and sunshine!

We have had some nice day so I can't complain too much.


Tylee had her first "friend birthday party". Real life princess' came and blew her mind.

We spent a day in KC celebrating my birthday early. Look who got a cupcake?

The makeup Tylee got for Christmas is almost gone. She is addicted.

See? Long, boring days. Thank god for this little girl to keep us entertained.

Still dieting...

We had a successful Dentist Appointment in Bartlesville, although it was still pretty traumatizing for Tylee.

We also had Brynna over for her first sleepover. Tylee and Brynna have quickly become best friends.

We went to one of Brax's wrestling meets. It was a lot of fun and he has been doing great!

I made some Chicken Enchilada Soup that I thought was delicious. TJ, not so much.

And last but not least, I've still been keeping up with my running. I haven't been able to run the last 10 days or so because it's been cold and windy but next week looks better and I plan to get back on track.
See? If I blogged about each one of those boring things individually, you would've been bored. I got my real camera out again last night and hope to be a better blogger in February.

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