Happy Love Day!

 I love Valentine's Day. When I was little my Mom used to always send us a cup full of candy with balloons to school. I think that gesture from her set every man that has ever been in my life up for failure. Go big or go home! So Wednesday, the day before Valentine's day, this happened.
Flowers at work for me and cookies for TJ and Tylee. What a great start!
"Someone" has been putting hearts on Tylee's door most of the month of February. She just knew it was our dog.
Thursday morning was the big reveal, with a heart that said, "Love, Mom and Dad." She knew it! But the day before she had said it was "definitely Blue, the beagle."
Tylee's Valentine
I took the day off on Thursday (hence the flowers at work on Wednesday) and went to Tylee's party at school. I love going to her classroom and seeing her interact with her teachers and friends.
It was cha-o-tic!! I was not meant to be a preschool teacher. Or actually, any sort of teacher. We had a really fun day at school and then we took Tylee to Grammy's so TJ and I could celebrate the day together. I know lots of people say that if you celebrate love every day, there is no need to make a big deal out of Valentine's day but I disagree. Any chance I get to shower the ones I love with gifts and attention, I'll take. Read: I like being spoiled with gifts and attention, too.

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