Dirty Thirty

I turned the big three-zero this past weekend and the day definitely didn't disapoint. In their typical style, my friends spoiled me rotten and made sure I had a fabulous time. It involved lots of these...
(Okay so just one Margarita, one Bloody Mary, and lots of Bud Light)
And lots of these...
which crack me up because as the day goes on, you can tell we are getting more intoxicated by the minute.
We have a big party planned next weekend but my close friends wanted to make sure I turned 30 in style. I love these girls more than anything and am so thankful that I am fortunate enough to have so many lifelong friends. Friends from highschool, college, the girls at work, and now adult friends - I am truly blessed.
(That is probably more pictures of me in one post than you'll see the rest of the year. But hey, turning 30 is a big deal and I wanted to document the day in true Chelse-style...pictures!)

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houseofpool said...

I love it! Sounds like you had a great day with lots of fun! Can't believe we are thirty already. Weren't we, like 18, just yesterday?