Happy Love Day!

 I love Valentine's Day. When I was little my Mom used to always send us a cup full of candy with balloons to school. I think that gesture from her set every man that has ever been in my life up for failure. Go big or go home! So Wednesday, the day before Valentine's day, this happened.
Flowers at work for me and cookies for TJ and Tylee. What a great start!
"Someone" has been putting hearts on Tylee's door most of the month of February. She just knew it was our dog.
Thursday morning was the big reveal, with a heart that said, "Love, Mom and Dad." She knew it! But the day before she had said it was "definitely Blue, the beagle."
Tylee's Valentine
I took the day off on Thursday (hence the flowers at work on Wednesday) and went to Tylee's party at school. I love going to her classroom and seeing her interact with her teachers and friends.
It was cha-o-tic!! I was not meant to be a preschool teacher. Or actually, any sort of teacher. We had a really fun day at school and then we took Tylee to Grammy's so TJ and I could celebrate the day together. I know lots of people say that if you celebrate love every day, there is no need to make a big deal out of Valentine's day but I disagree. Any chance I get to shower the ones I love with gifts and attention, I'll take. Read: I like being spoiled with gifts and attention, too.


Dirty Thirty

I turned the big three-zero this past weekend and the day definitely didn't disapoint. In their typical style, my friends spoiled me rotten and made sure I had a fabulous time. It involved lots of these...
(Okay so just one Margarita, one Bloody Mary, and lots of Bud Light)
And lots of these...
which crack me up because as the day goes on, you can tell we are getting more intoxicated by the minute.
We have a big party planned next weekend but my close friends wanted to make sure I turned 30 in style. I love these girls more than anything and am so thankful that I am fortunate enough to have so many lifelong friends. Friends from highschool, college, the girls at work, and now adult friends - I am truly blessed.
(That is probably more pictures of me in one post than you'll see the rest of the year. But hey, turning 30 is a big deal and I wanted to document the day in true Chelse-style...pictures!)


What's in a Name?

Whenever I got pregnant, TJ and I decided not to find out what we were having. It was something along the lines of, "The sex won't matter once the baby is here." (This ended up being the wrong decision for us but that is a whole different post.) Even though we had no evidence whatsoever, we were both convinced that we were having a boy. I was so sure, I almost bought nursery bedding. Needless to say, our minds were wrapped around all things boy.
Meet Tylee Jo Trollope.
"It's a girl!" they said. SHOCK. While I spent the next 2 hours in happy land getting all sewed up, TJ spent those first precious hours with our daughter. Our poor nameless daughter that we thought was a boy.
We had plenty of boy names but I honestly don't even remember what we had agreed on. I think we had settled on Tuck but we didn't really see eye-to-eye on names so I'm not sure we had officially decided. My main criteria when choosing a name was to just name the kid what we would call him/her. Do not name a kid Tucker and then call him Tuck - just name him Tuck in the first place. Which now that I say that, I believe that was actually our dilema with that name - our middle name was Jo and Tucker Jo is cute but Tuck Jo was definitely not cute. My top boy names were Tigg and Trigger but obviously none of those mattered because here we were, with a healthy 8 pound 8 oz baby girl in our arms.
We had briefly discussed girl names. I mean, we weren't totally oblivious to the fact that he could be a she. I remember I really liked the name Tilly but, "What if she wanted to be an attorney or something?" TJ asked. I agreed, it probably wasn't a great adult name. The girls at work knew a girl named Tylee and we both kinda liked that, but hadn't given it much thought.
So here we were, announcing our baby girl to our friends and family when someone asked, "What's her name?" (Sidenote: we were very secretive about our name choices when I was pregnant because all it would've taken to mess with my head would've been for someone to say, "Hm" in the wrong tone and we would've been back to square one.) Tj and I both looked at each other and shrugged. One of us said, "Tylee?" and the other said, "Sure."
With that said, I love her name. We couldn't have made a better decision. I think it fits her perfectly and it is normal enough that people pronounce it right but not the most common name in the world.
So yah, there you have it. The longest story ever about how our daughter Tylee Jo Trollope, got her name.
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Way to go, February!


January Phone Dump

I'm officially a bad blogger. Does everyone else agree that January sucks? Christmas is over, it is super cold outside, and there is nothing to look forward to until Spring. (Unless, of course, you are counting the days until my 30th birthday party, which I certainly am but doubt anyone else is!!!) Pretty depressing. We've still been chugging along but am really looking forward to BBQ weather, camping, and sunshine!

We have had some nice day so I can't complain too much.


Tylee had her first "friend birthday party". Real life princess' came and blew her mind.

We spent a day in KC celebrating my birthday early. Look who got a cupcake?

The makeup Tylee got for Christmas is almost gone. She is addicted.

See? Long, boring days. Thank god for this little girl to keep us entertained.

Still dieting...

We had a successful Dentist Appointment in Bartlesville, although it was still pretty traumatizing for Tylee.

We also had Brynna over for her first sleepover. Tylee and Brynna have quickly become best friends.

We went to one of Brax's wrestling meets. It was a lot of fun and he has been doing great!

I made some Chicken Enchilada Soup that I thought was delicious. TJ, not so much.

And last but not least, I've still been keeping up with my running. I haven't been able to run the last 10 days or so because it's been cold and windy but next week looks better and I plan to get back on track.
See? If I blogged about each one of those boring things individually, you would've been bored. I got my real camera out again last night and hope to be a better blogger in February.