Year in Review

This is my favorite post of the year. I love looking back through all my pictures and picking out my favorites to post. It really makes me look back and be thankful for all that I have, all that we do, and the life that I live. We are so very blessed.
We started off the year with a day at the park
and ended the month with a trip to the Jenks Aquarium.
We made special Valentine's for preschool in February
and took our first trip to the lake this year in March.
We hit up the Tulsa Zoo with your cousin on Spring Break
and headed to the lake with Dad, Papa, and Janis in April.
Mommy joined you and your preschool class for a field trip to the Fire Department
and you had your first trip to the dentist.
We kicked off May with our maiden camping voyage at Grand Lake
followed by an early dip in the (heated) pool.
We splurged and bought you a big girl 4-wheeler
and finished your last days of 3-year old preschool.
We kicked off summer by with a trip to Katy Days
and ended the weekend with water toys in the yard.
You and Mommy went on a special picnic and trip to the Swim Park
 before I headed to Washington DC for 8 days.
Unfortunately, we lost your buddy Boone while I was gone
but you were quickly distratcted with turning 4.
We went to the lake over 4th of July
and camped in Farlington to finish out the month.
We took you on a special trip to Kansas City to do a few fun things and get some school clothes
and finished off summer with a bang.
(That included Papa getting a new boat!!) 
You started 5-day a week real deal preschool
and ended our camping adventures for the year at Elks Lake in Chanute.
We went to the lake over Labor Day weekend
and babysat raised 9 puppies until they were 8 weeks old.
 We tried to have a great day at the Tulsa Fair (which you wanted no part of)
and had a wonderful Halloween with our little Lalaloopsy.
We had a great Thanksgiving day and kicked off the Christmas season with Wistrom, wrapping, letters to Santa, and Christmas Parties.
We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving,
had a wonderful December,
and ended 2012 with a bang!

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