Trimming the Tree

For my neice Brecca's first Christmas, my sister and her husband (as well as me, my Mom, and brother) took her to the Christmas Tree farm. It was magical and fun and I was so happy to be creating such wonderful memories with my neice. We drank cider and picked out the perfect tree, watched them cut it down, shake and bag it.
4 years ago, we took Tylee to the Christmas Tree Farm here in town and I hoped to have the same magical feelings that I did that day with my neice. No such luck. "Tylee is too little to understand!" I told myself. "Next year will be better!"  
I think the next year was better but honestly, I have no memories from that day and for some reason, instead of elaborating on my blog - I posted the lyrics to Oh Christmas Tree! Must've been exciting...
Hey look, I did write about our adventure in 2010! But it seems that Tylee cried the entire time because she wanted a baby tree. Magical, I tell ya!
And last but not least, 2011. I remember it being a fun day but Tylee could've cared less about the whole deal. I think once you've been to the tree farm and it just becomes a part of what you do, you don't appreciate it as much because you don't know it is a special treat and that not everyone gets to do.  I also remember getting home with the tree and it being a horrible, horrible experience. As in: we couldn't get it straight in the stand, it kept falling over, the branches weren't straight at all, there were bare spots everywhere after they shook it out, Tylee wanted to decorate it as soon as we got home...STRESSFUL.
I bet the suspense is killing you as to what we did in 2012...we drove straight to Home Depot, grabbed the fir tree that I've been longing for right out of the bin, got in the truck, and drove home. It is the best tree we've had in Tylee's lifetime and she didn't care or ask one question about where we were going, why we didn't cut it down, or wonder where the cider was. Hmph. Looks like we started a new tradition! (And I finally got my dream tree!!)

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