Elks Christmas Party

Last week we had 3 parties to attend 3 nights in a row. This week, we have nothing. Figures. Last Tuesday night was my work Christmas Party. Tylee was stoked about going and asked if there would be dancing. Sorry babe, it's not that kind of party. She was all about getting ready and kept telling me all the different things that beautiful girls do. We put on blush, sparkles, perfume, bracelets, headbands, and boots. Wednesday night was her cousin Braylee's birthday party - but we didn't get dressed up for that. And last but not least, Thursday night was the Elks Kids Christmas Party. I helped her pick out her dress and the next thing I knew, out she came with makeup, sparkles, perfume, bracelets, headbands, tights, and boots. I cleaned  up some of her handy work (aka, the lipstick) but let her wear the rest. You can't hinder a beautiful girls' dream!
Santa came in and asked who was on the good list...
Watching her open this one single present has gotten me so excited for Christmas.
I left early Saturday morning to go shopping with my Mom and Ssister and not long after I left, Tylee called freaking out because I wasn't home and didn't we have a party to go too? Her excitement for Holiday Parties almost makes me wish we had another party to attend before the season ends.
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