Christmas Vacation

Unfortunately, my Christmas break started off bad because sweet little Tylee decided to share her strep throat with me. I took her to the doctor last Tuesday and she got her first round of anti-biotic (ever). She was back to normal in no time but around 12am on Friday morning, I highly regretted sharing that damn straw with her. I used to get strep throat, oh, once a month from September - March but haven't had it in years so thought I was immune. Yah, hahaha, not so much. Jokes on me! I spent about 18 hours in bed and finally rejoined the living Saturday morning. The weekend was spent lounging around the house in our PJ's, snapping a few pictures of my Holiday Decor because I never took any and I'm not sure one person saw it, and getting the dough ready to make Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
(I make the best brownies and pancakes, Dad makes the best Steak and Ramen noodles, and Tylee is the best egg-cracker in our family. Be on the lookout for shells whenever you eat a baked good or noodle from my house.)
Sunday night we had our first round (of 7) Christmas' at my Mom's house. All the kids were stoked and ready to go!
These girls have quickly become best friends.
We brought home 3 Lalaoopsy's from this gathering. (Official count coming after the last two Christmas' this weekend!)
I love Christmas at my Mom's house. After I moved out and got married, Christmas morning at home was one of the biggest things I missed. I am glad that we still try to recreate the day, even if it isn't at 5am on Christmas morning complete with gifts from Santa and a fight with my brother to get out of bed already!

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