Christmas Eve

We kept our Christmas Eve tradition with Grammy this year and decorated cookies for Santa. Tylee lasted about .2 seconds before she was over the whole thing (and we had even made the dough the day before!) so I think next year it is going to be a "Decorate the cookies that Mom already made with Grammy on Christmas Eve" tradition.
Trying to eat a cookie and watch cartoons but she had a helper.
After the cookies and dinner, we headed to town to look at lights. We started a little too late and Tylee was tired. We drove by a few houses, made our way to see Santa on the roof (a man has dressed up as Santa on the same roof in town for over 30 years now), and headed home to set out the Reindeer Food, Cookies, and Milk.

Tylee was really excited this year and I think we experienced 100% pure innocence with regards to Santa. Last year she asked tons of questions and wanted to know where his reindeer were, why couldn't we hear him, where was Mrs. Claus, did the elves come, ect but this year, she just flat-out believed. Plain and simple. There were a few questions throughout the month but on Christmas Eve, we just followed our little traditions, got in bed, and waited for Santa to come.
He came!

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Sunni said...

Sweet. My favorite picture: the one where she's squeezing the icing on the cookie. Good times.