Christmas Day

Tylee wakes up before 7am every single day. Went to bed at 11pm? Up at 5:45am. Hasn't napped for 4 days and is completely exhausted? Maybe she will sleep in tomorrow! NEVER. Since we have our own little alarm clock, it is very rare for TJ and I to sleep past 6:30 or 7:00 as well. I bet you can see where this is going: Christmas morning Dad and Mom woke up at 5am, Tylee was still sound asleep at 7:30am. We finally got tired of waiting (and got tired of watching A Christmas Story on repeat) and woke up her.
She wasn't over-the-moon-thrilled with her Santa present but that is what she asked for so that is what he brought. We quickly moved on to her stocking, which was a little more exciting.

Aaaand what she has been waiting over a month for...

After our little Christmas at home, we headed to Nanny's for more presents and more time with her cousins.

 To say she is spoiled is an understatement! I unpacked, put away, and organized about 10 different times over the 5 day break and still have piles of toys that need to find a place to rest. And to top it all off, we still have 2 more to go!

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