KC Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago (yes, I'm that behind on blogging) Lindsey and I took the kids up to Kansas City to meet Bubby, Erin, and Lowen at the Pumpkin Patch. None of us had ever been to this one before but had all heard great things. It was one of the most beautiful fall days thus far and we couldn't have been more pleased with everything they had to offer.  
 Erin bought the little kids tickets to ride this little train and it was probably the highlight of the day. They loved it.
 I really thought Tylee would be scared of these slides (since our trip to the fair was such a disaster) but with her cousins around, she was hot stuff.
 I think this shot of Tylee and Brax is a framer.
 The jumping pillow was definitely a big attraction but was really the only thing with a line. There were hundreds of people there but everything was so spaced out that we didn't have to wait at all.
 The day ended with 6 worn-out grouchy kids that looked like this:
so much for some beautiful fall pictures with the pumpkins. Note to self: take individual and group pictures when you get there.

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