Happy Halloween!

Wednesday was the day I've been looking forward to my entire life - I finally have a baby little girl that goes to school and has holiday parties! Tylee's class just had a sign-up sheet that was passed around and I could only sign up for one thing. It took all I had not to scratch out the other names and go completely overboard with snacks and treat bags - but I refrained and took my lonely little cupcakes like I signed up for.
Tylee wanted to be a Lalaloopsy for Halloween (because of course she did!) and was the cutest Mittens-Fluff-and-Stuff I've ever seen. Tylee seems to be a very moody child and we really have no idea from moment-to-moment which kid we are going to get. That morning when we were getting her dressed, she was all smiles and in such a great mood. It was the happiest I've seen her in a long time. Tj said she was smiling bigger than ever when he dropped her off at school.
I got her to her classroom about 10am for her party and she was so smitten. She looked adorable and she knew it! They went on a little parade through the school and it was so fun seeing all the costumes and watching her interact.
TJ took her home after school for a good old fashioned N.A.P so we would be good to go for Trick-or-Treating. Yaah!  
Again, moody child = nervous parents on Halloween. Will she love it? Hate it? Be scared? Shy? Unfortunately, I told her our plan when we left the house and when our plan changed (someone wasn't home) she couldn't let it go. It took her a good 20 minutes to change her tune but once she finally did, she really enjoyed herself. 
It got dark early this year so I only got a couple snaps but it's the same story, different year:  2011 and 2010. Halloween has unsuspectedly become one of my favorite holidays and it makes me sad to think we'll only get to tag along and enjoy this little holiday for a few more years.  

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Darci said...

She was such a cute Lalaloopsy!