Go Big Red

It's that time of year again when I write yet another blog post about how much I love Lincoln, NE and how I really want to move there. Game day in Lincoln is one of my very favorite places on earth and I would cancel about any other obligation I had in order to head north to a game. (This past weekend I bailed on Girls Weekend that had been scheduled for about 4 months. Oops!) About 3 hours in to the 5 hour trip, I realized I forgot my real camera and TJ said, "Oh well, you have your phone." So I'm sorry for the iPhone pictures - I know, I said I'd never be one of those people.
Yes, we were really this close. Having a boss with season tickets works well in my favor.
 Tylee told me to be sure to send her pictures...on what phone again? So I had TJ take this of me to show her whenever we got home.
We couldn't have picked a better game to go to - it was Tom Osburnes 500th and final game at Memorial Stadium. They had a very emotional tribute to him as he led the Huskers out of the tunnel one last time. I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the stadium.
After the blowout of a game (Go Huskers!), we went to our new favorite bar in town, Brewsky's. It was a great day for college football (Go Baylor! Go Stanford!) and in my opinion, there isn't much better than sitting in a bar in Lincoln after a Husker win, surrounded by over 25 TV's, and a cold Bud Light. What a GREAT weekend!

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