30 days and Counting...

Whew! I guess I needed these 4 days off more than I thought I did. Even though my interal clock has still went off every day at 6am, we've still have plenty of much needed rest and relaxation. After I got my noodles made Thursday morning, I made a conscious effort to lay around and enjoy the long weekend with my two loves. Usually staying at home drives me nuts but when Christmas decorations are involved, I'm all for it!

Wednesday night when I was putting Tylee in bed I made her say Thank You for something and she said, "Moooom! Just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean we have to say that all the time." I got lectured again on Thursday that I needed to be nice because hello! It is Thanksgiving! We had a great day Thursday at the Finley's (everyone loved the noodles!) and then ran by my Mom's to visit for awhile. We swung by a friends house on the way home and sat outside by a bonfire - a good end to a pretty great day.

I'll let my pictures do the rest of the talking.
1. Tylee was pretty big stuff getting to hang out at Mommy's work on Wednesday.
2. Movies for a perfect Thanksgiving-Eve
3. Wine - for an even better Thanksgiving-Eve
4. Happy Turkey Day
5. A swag I made at our annual Wreath-Making party on Friday
6. Tylee's tree is finally up! And decorated all by herself.
1. Wistrom came!
2. Merle
3. Christmas Chain (that doesn't start until December 1st...we are already torturing ourselves for 30+days with Wistrom)
4. Crafts
5. The stockings are hung!
6. Another one of Tylee's room decorations

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



I'm trying to be a better blogger (Lindsey, I'm talking to you) so today I'm linking up with some of my friend Darci's friends to tell you all about my fabulous Thanksgiving plans, which pretty much just include: Food. And beer.  
1.What do you look forward to more: the food, football or parades? Obviously, I am addicted to food (including but not limited too 3 of my favorites: noodles, rolls, and stuffing) so that is the obvious answer. I love me some college football but could care less about the NFL so yah, no football for me. As far as the parade? See #4.  

2.What is your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dish? My favorite part of any holiday meal (after the noodles, rolls, and stuffing) is definitely my Grandma Katy's ranch crackers. I guess they are non-typical for most, but have appeared on our Thanksgiving (and Christmas) table for years.  

3.After dinner, is it football or a nap? Neither. My Dad's side of the family plays poker and although I don't play, it is fun to watch everyone else lose all their money. At my Mom's house, there are 6 little ones running around so it is simply not possible to do either of the two. The truth is, we are usually running here, there, and everywhere on Thanksgiving Day so there is no time allowed for either.

4.Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Which is your favorite float? I have become the designated noodle and roll maker in the family so I'm usually up early on Thanksgiving Day. I like to have the parade on in the background while I'm slaving away in the kitchen but at some point, TJ usually comes in and turns it to ESPN.

5.Where do you go to celebrate and eat your big meal? Who is there (family, friends)? Since my parents are divorced, we've started rotating years between families: Mom's one year, Dad's the next. Tj's family is easy (and small) so his Mom either cooks dinner and we go there that evening, or we do it a different day at our house.

6.What is your favorite turkey day dessert? I guess I would say Cherry Delight but I also love Pumpkin Cheesecake. After eating the cheesecake version, regular pumpkin pie is just kinda bleh. Cherry Delight is a standard of Gma Katy's as well and I honesly don't know the recipe but know it involves cream cheese and powdered sugar. Need I say more?

Wasn't that fun? However, I can't do a post about Thanksgiving without mentioning family because that truly is my favorite part about this holiday. I cannot wait to have 4 uninterrupted days with my little Turkey and the hubs, as well as seeing 5 out of 6 of my neices and nephews (We'll miss you, Lowen!), both my Mom and Dad, and both sets of Grandparents. Fun times to come! I can't wait.


Go Big Red

It's that time of year again when I write yet another blog post about how much I love Lincoln, NE and how I really want to move there. Game day in Lincoln is one of my very favorite places on earth and I would cancel about any other obligation I had in order to head north to a game. (This past weekend I bailed on Girls Weekend that had been scheduled for about 4 months. Oops!) About 3 hours in to the 5 hour trip, I realized I forgot my real camera and TJ said, "Oh well, you have your phone." So I'm sorry for the iPhone pictures - I know, I said I'd never be one of those people.
Yes, we were really this close. Having a boss with season tickets works well in my favor.
 Tylee told me to be sure to send her pictures...on what phone again? So I had TJ take this of me to show her whenever we got home.
We couldn't have picked a better game to go to - it was Tom Osburnes 500th and final game at Memorial Stadium. They had a very emotional tribute to him as he led the Huskers out of the tunnel one last time. I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the stadium.
After the blowout of a game (Go Huskers!), we went to our new favorite bar in town, Brewsky's. It was a great day for college football (Go Baylor! Go Stanford!) and in my opinion, there isn't much better than sitting in a bar in Lincoln after a Husker win, surrounded by over 25 TV's, and a cold Bud Light. What a GREAT weekend!


Turkey Trot

I survived my first 5K! Although it's a totally normal thing for some, it was pretty monumental for me. I can't say that I enjoyed the 41:09 minutes of running, but I did love the whole experience. I ran with two of my besties from highschool and I 100% couldn't have done it without them. (Jayci kept saying "This is the last hill" and then we'd turn the corner...another hill. I cussed at her. A lot.) The wind was SO strong and there were hills out the wazoo. It was unlike any training I'd done over the last 8 weeks but with them, I was actually able to take 10 minutes off my time. The whole experience was very rewarding but the best moment of my day was when I rounded the last corner and my brother, Erin, several cousins, Brother-in-law, nephews, and my running friends from Parsons were there waiting for me, cheering me on. (However, this does mean that they all beat me!) Such a surreal feeling.
I've been pretty shy in telling about the playlist that I listen to when I run. Seems like most people openly share and exchange songs (because they are recent, popular songs) but I listen to country 99.9% of the time these days. Needless to say, the stuff I have is all old and I'm embarrassed I'm still listening to it. (Brittany, anyone?) However, I have to say that most of the songs on my playlist remind me of a person or a meaningful event in my life. Hearing those cheesy-ass songs really helped push me when I was literally on my last breath, thinking I couldn't go any further. Some of them are slow: You Got What I Need by Joshua Radin is TJ and Tylee's song. (My runner friend told me once that every song doesn't have to push you, sometimes you just want to cruise and I totally believe this.) Some of them are oldies but goodies: You Don't Mess Around with Jim by Jim Croce is my Dad's song and Livin on a Prayer is my brother's song. (Email me if you want to know if I have a song for you because I probably do! Ha!)
So yah, I made it. It was hard, fun, and rewarding as hell. I celebrated afterwards with some beers and lots of greasy food that I haven't eaten in over a month. As of today, I'm back on track..and just got home from a 2.5 mile run. This. is. addicting.



Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday Truths

Oh, how true this is. How true this is.


Weekend Rewind

For those of you with Google reader, you probably saw a post about me trying to keep some sort of schedule with my blog, in order to post more frequently. Well, I decided to delete that post because I'm not quite ready to commit to that, but I am going to try to do a little more blogging with some sort of schedule - I'm just not ready to put it in writing yet.

This weekend consisted of a bunch of nothing, which was great but not really blog-worthy. See? Nothing to blog about. But I'll ramble.

The biggest blog-worthy thing to happen is that I ran 2.5 miles on Saturday and I can promise you that is the 1st time I've ever done anything even close to that in my entire life. I've been training for a 5K (that is unfortunately next weekend) using the Couch-to-5K program and am really enjoying it. I can't say that I'm hooked on the actual running part yet but if I had an endless supply of money, I would be completely hooked on the gear. Fun stuff. I cannot say enough good things about the C25K app. It gave me a schedule to follow 3 times a week, kept me running when I wanted to quit, and has pushed me hard enough that I think I am actually going to be able to run an entire 5K without walking in less than a week. All of this is literally coming from the girl that couldn't run "The Mile" in highschool without walking. I would honestly say that I was at "Couch" level when I started this app and now I can run for 40 minutes straight without walking. If I can do it, so can you.
And because I couldn't have done it without them, I would like to thank...I'm kidding. But I do have some pretty kickass friends and family that have supported me through this journey and I feel very blessed. Keep your fingers crossed for me next Saturday morning! (And you can bet your ass that there will be a kickass breakfast with lots of carbs followed by some adult beverages to celebrate!)


Happy Halloween!

Wednesday was the day I've been looking forward to my entire life - I finally have a baby little girl that goes to school and has holiday parties! Tylee's class just had a sign-up sheet that was passed around and I could only sign up for one thing. It took all I had not to scratch out the other names and go completely overboard with snacks and treat bags - but I refrained and took my lonely little cupcakes like I signed up for.
Tylee wanted to be a Lalaloopsy for Halloween (because of course she did!) and was the cutest Mittens-Fluff-and-Stuff I've ever seen. Tylee seems to be a very moody child and we really have no idea from moment-to-moment which kid we are going to get. That morning when we were getting her dressed, she was all smiles and in such a great mood. It was the happiest I've seen her in a long time. Tj said she was smiling bigger than ever when he dropped her off at school.
I got her to her classroom about 10am for her party and she was so smitten. She looked adorable and she knew it! They went on a little parade through the school and it was so fun seeing all the costumes and watching her interact.
TJ took her home after school for a good old fashioned N.A.P so we would be good to go for Trick-or-Treating. Yaah!  
Again, moody child = nervous parents on Halloween. Will she love it? Hate it? Be scared? Shy? Unfortunately, I told her our plan when we left the house and when our plan changed (someone wasn't home) she couldn't let it go. It took her a good 20 minutes to change her tune but once she finally did, she really enjoyed herself. 
It got dark early this year so I only got a couple snaps but it's the same story, different year:  2011 and 2010. Halloween has unsuspectedly become one of my favorite holidays and it makes me sad to think we'll only get to tag along and enjoy this little holiday for a few more years.  


KC Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago (yes, I'm that behind on blogging) Lindsey and I took the kids up to Kansas City to meet Bubby, Erin, and Lowen at the Pumpkin Patch. None of us had ever been to this one before but had all heard great things. It was one of the most beautiful fall days thus far and we couldn't have been more pleased with everything they had to offer.  
 Erin bought the little kids tickets to ride this little train and it was probably the highlight of the day. They loved it.
 I really thought Tylee would be scared of these slides (since our trip to the fair was such a disaster) but with her cousins around, she was hot stuff.
 I think this shot of Tylee and Brax is a framer.
 The jumping pillow was definitely a big attraction but was really the only thing with a line. There were hundreds of people there but everything was so spaced out that we didn't have to wait at all.
 The day ended with 6 worn-out grouchy kids that looked like this:
so much for some beautiful fall pictures with the pumpkins. Note to self: take individual and group pictures when you get there.