24-Day Challenge Results

I guess I should post about my challenge. I wasn't happy on Day 24 but had drank beer the weekend before and well, there is no other way to say it but it was that time of the month. So I waited a few days, still wasn't happy, so avoided it. BUT! Today! Today I hit the 15 pound mark! My brother told me when him and his wife did it, neither of them were that thrilled on Day 24 but he weighed a week later and was like , "Whoa!" So yah, same thing for me. I heard (after the fact) that I probably wasn't eating enough protein. I have went back to regular diet mode: meat, veggies, egg mcmuffins, cottage cheese, bananas...and am down 6 pounds in a week.

So! I guess it got me on track. I haven't "cheated" once. I had half a cheeseburger without the bun on Day 24, 3-4 French fries, some beer, and one Zapper (bagel wrapped sausage) but have really been right on track and am shedding weight faster than ever now. It HAS to have something to do with Advocare, but can't say I was THRILLED after the challenge. I did lose over 10 inches but measuring is hard- so not really sure if that is accurate.

Not really a good review/not really a bad review but hey, it's the truth!

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