24-Day Challenge Results

I guess I should post about my challenge. I wasn't happy on Day 24 but had drank beer the weekend before and well, there is no other way to say it but it was that time of the month. So I waited a few days, still wasn't happy, so avoided it. BUT! Today! Today I hit the 15 pound mark! My brother told me when him and his wife did it, neither of them were that thrilled on Day 24 but he weighed a week later and was like , "Whoa!" So yah, same thing for me. I heard (after the fact) that I probably wasn't eating enough protein. I have went back to regular diet mode: meat, veggies, egg mcmuffins, cottage cheese, bananas...and am down 6 pounds in a week.

So! I guess it got me on track. I haven't "cheated" once. I had half a cheeseburger without the bun on Day 24, 3-4 French fries, some beer, and one Zapper (bagel wrapped sausage) but have really been right on track and am shedding weight faster than ever now. It HAS to have something to do with Advocare, but can't say I was THRILLED after the challenge. I did lose over 10 inches but measuring is hard- so not really sure if that is accurate.

Not really a good review/not really a bad review but hey, it's the truth!


Advocare 24-Day Challenge, Day 13

I am finished with the 10-day cleanse and was somewhat pleased with the results. I lost 5.5 pounds (plus another pound the next morning) and 6.5 inches, give or take an inch. (Pulling that tape measure the same tightness is hard!) Supposedly, I am toxin free and my body is ready to absorb the next 14 days worth of vitamins. I did feel great over the weekend but today was just another Monday. Still torn on my review but I hope it ends up being worth the money.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's hard to believe that I just got home from my nephew's football game and stripped off a tank, flannel, and North Face Fleece. Then I took off my Uggs but left my socks on because my feet are still freezing. I cleaned out my car and unloaded Tylee's hoodie, as well as her stocking hat. Then I went to get the clothes out of the dryer and folded some capris and cargo shorts. Shorts, people. And the fact that they are in my dryer means that they've been worn since last Sunday. Capris and a T-shirt one day and jeans, Uggs, and layered long-sleeves the next. Only in Kansas.

Fall truly is my favorite season. Everyone is saying, "I love Fall!" right now because it is the beginning of the season. The beginnings of seasons are always fun. Changes in temperature brings new routines and change is always fun, at first. Summer and swimming are always fun, until it hits 100 degrees a few times and you can barely leave the house. Winter is great until it snows a whole bunch and starts getting dark at 6pm. But who can say anything bad about Fall? 

I love lazy Saturdays filled with College Football and snuggling on the couch. I live for the changing leaves and beautiful backdrop for pictures. I cannot wait to open the windows and smell the fresh air filling the house. I love searching for new candles and smelling all the musty, yet refreshing, scents. The anticipation of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas makes me look forward to each and every day. I love boots, sweaters, and an occasional scarf. I look forward to wearing my favorite hoodie again from the very last day that I took it off in the Spring. I love vegetable soup, chicken and noodles, and spending our Sunday's making new recipes. I love watching my weekends fill up with Halloween parties, trips to the Pumpkin Patch, Road Rally's, and our annual Girls Weekend.

So I'd have to disagree Andy Williams, Christmas is not "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year". In my book, Fall wins. Hands down. So please, please, please Kansas - let us have a Fall before going straight in to winter. This weekend and the sudden need for coats and stocking caps, was a bit ridiculous.
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Tulsa State Fair

Let's pretend that we went to the Tulsa State Fair, played a lot of games, rode a lot of rides, and had a lot of fun. Pretend.
 Because that's not what happened at all.


Advocare 24-day Challenge, Day 8

I'm back with an short update! I bet you were all on pins and needles. Ha. I'll do a full review after the 10-day cleanse part is over but I thought I would check in with some info.

What I'm eating:

Meat: Ground turkey, ground chicken, grilled chicken breasts, grilled chicken thighs and a turkey leg at the fair. Plus, I've cheated once twice and had a steak on the grill and a baked pork chop.

Veggies: Grilled Asparagus, Roasted Cauliflower, Fresh Green Beans, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Celery, and I cheated with Corn-on-the-cob.

Fruits: Apples, Strawberries, and a couple Bananas

Carbs: Sweet Potatoes, Whole Grain Rice, Black Beans, and I cheated with Pita Chips.

This weekend I made a fritatta with 4 egg yolks and 8 egg whites. I mixed in some spinach, zuchini, peppers, and onions. I baked it, cut it into 4 servings, and topped it with avacado and tomato. It was delicious but needed ketchup. Which brings me to my next category.

How I've cheated:

I've cheated with some pretty dumb things but my Advocare lady promises that not all is lost. 1) Steak and Pork Chops. No excuses here - I flat out couldn't do chicken and turkey for 24 days straight. I just bought a pork loin at Wal-mart so have no intentions of stopping this cheat. Everything in moderation, right? 2) Ketchup. I was in desperate need of some dipping sauce so I ate ketchup with a couple meals. I've since bought a Low Sugar variety but I'm trying my hardest to stay away from it. 3) Corn. I've been on enough diets to know that corn is high in starch but again, I can only do veggies in so many ways and IMO, corn is still "clean" eating. 4) Pita Chips/Texas Caviar: I went to a fish fry on Sunday and instead of my other options that consisted of staying home, cheating, or being miserable with food everywhere that I couldn't eat, I made some Texas Caviar and bought some Whole Grain Pita Chips. I could eat everything in the dip (except techinically the corn) and the Pita Chips were Whole Grain - which is okay but recommended to steer clear of during the first 10 days. If it was a definite no-no they wouldn't have listed it. 5) Turkey Sausage. I knew this was bad - not sure why I even bought it except for the fact that I figured it would be handy to have around in case of a BBQ (or Fish Fry). I know it was loaded with junk and preservates galore but I felt like it was my best option. And it was delicious.

Daily routine:

Shake for breakfast or a slice of fritatta. This morning I had a scrambled egg with pepper and onion but that was a first. Around 10am I try to have a snack. I am addicted to Almond Butter with a Fiji apple. (Thank Erin!) It tastes like chocolate! Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before and I usually try to eat my carb at lunch. I have another snack and a Spark between 2 and 3pm. Dinner has mostly been meat and veggies. Mexican food has been the easiest thing to do since you get brown rice (flavor it with some cumin!) and black beans. Tonight we had Fajitas with Chicken, Peppers, Onion, Avacado, and Tomato wrapped in a lettuce leaf with Black Beans and Brown Rice on the side. Diet? What diet?

What I miss:

This whole thing is hard,  I won't lie. It is just SO restrictive. I miss the little things that I usually get when dieting. For example, Ranch (light, of course). Or to be able to brush my Sweet Potato medallions with oil before baking them. I'd love a Diet Pepsi, some carrots, or to throw some bacon bits on my salad. I'd love to be able to grab an Egg McMuffin on my way to work instead of spending 10 minutes making/blending up my breakfast shake. I'd like to get a Grilled Chicken wrap at Sonic and go to the park or hell, even a Subway sandwich! Oh! And beer. Of course I miss beer.

What I've lost:

As of this morning, I was down 4.8 pounds and had lost 1.5 inches in my belly. I'm trying not to measure before the whole 10 days is up but I was just curious.

What is to come:

I'll be back on Saturday with the total weight loss and inches after the cleanse but then the fun really starts! (At least that is what I'm telling myself.) On Day 11, I start the MNS Max 3 supplement which is hopefully when things really start happening. I can't wait!


Puppy Love

I know I've left you all in the dark with talk of "13 puppies" and all my Instagram pictures, but to make a long story short...we are boarding a Mama dog and her puppies for our dog trainer. We've had the Mama dog since before she was bred and the puppies are about 6 weeks old now. They can't be 8 weeks old fast enough but please, don't tell Tylee!