Yay for School!

So! Everyone with older children that are already in school or people that have had their kids in daycare 5 days a week for 4 years, you can stop laughing at me now. School is wonderful! Tylee absolutely loves it. It is a complete 180 from last year, in a good way. I honestly cried at enrollment, teared up when a letter came from her teacher before school started, and was sick to my stomach anytime I thought about it. Thank god I'm the fool and that she loves it. I'll gladly take one for the team.
I have no idea if it is the teacher, the atmosphere, her age, the kids, or a combination of all of those things but thank goodness we made the right decision. My two biggest concerns with her new school were that she would be overwhelmed with all the kids in the building and that 5 days a week was too much for her at 4 -years old, especially since she is one of the younger ones in her class. Both of them? Non-issues. The school obviously knows preschoolers need coddled so they have their own little section of the building - their own door, lobby, and adults waiting for them at the drop-off place. And I know we've only been 1 full week but Tylee has no issues with going every day. I actually think it has helped her to have that routine and since she is there 5 days in a row, she is getting to know her teachers and classmates that much faster. 
She calls me every day after school and her first words are always, "It was not fun, Mom." Which is the same as last year but is then followed by, "Guess what? Today we sang the Number Rock song and I got to pass out napkins. And then we had vegetable crackers for lunch but they didn't taste like vegetables. Can we buy those for my snack drawer? And Mom, I got to play outside and I went under the jungle gym!!" She is in the most enjoyable mood after school and in the evenings. She is just an all-around happier girl and I couldn't be more pleased with our decision. Thank goodness.  

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