Labor Day

I hadn't planned on going to the lake over Labor Day weekend because we have 9 puppies at the moment (13 dogs total) and TJ assumed he would have to work so someone needed to stay behind and babysit. He ended up taking off late Friday afternoon which gave Tylee and I the green light to the lake! I was stoked!  

Disclaimer: there is a picture of a tarantula on my Dad's hand below. Don't scroll down if you are scared of spiders!
The best part was that Bubby, Erin and Lowen were going down for the weekend and I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with them lately.
Friday night, TJ, Tylee and I went and ate with some friends at a Marina before we headed on down to my Dad's. It was an all-you-can-eat shrimp place and you just threw your shells/corn cob/everything into the water and these big 'ol catfish would jump up and get it. It was such a neat place that I asked my Dad to take us back there on Saturday so the him and the kids could see it. Of course, my Dad had to go the extra mile and not only throw in the dog food but try to catch the catfish with his hands when they came up to the surface. He was only half successful but the kids loved it. And I won't lie, it was fairly comical for Bubby, Erin, and I to watch as well.
Time sure gets away from you on the boat! We were only planning on a quick trip across the water but the 1-hour ride turned into a 4-hour trip. Oh well, not like we had anything else to do! 
Tylee and Lo on their Iphones.
After dinner, several of my cousins came to my Dad's and were all sitting around the patio when a tarantula walks by out of the blue! The kids were freaking out, all the adults immediately grabbed their cell phones to take pictures, and my Dad just walks over and picks it up! Definitely not my first instinct! 
Tylee and I hung around long enough Sunday to catch a Lizard with Uncle Lance and eat breakfast and then headed home to get unpacked and have a couple days at home before it was back to work on Tuesday. It was a short and sweet trip but any chance I have to go to the lake, I'll take it! And I couldn't pass up time with that sweet little Lowen.

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