Advocare - Day 1

Well, Day 1 was miserable. First and foremost - I hate vitamins. All vitamins make me nauseous. My sister can't take them either so at least I know I'm not alone on this but it'd make me feel better if I knew whether that was normal. Anyone? So...let's just say that it never clicked in my head when I was ordering a natural weight-loss supplement that I was actually ordering a bunch of vitamins. Now you I know.

Days 1 through 3 start out with a Fiber drink that is supposed to "scrub your intestinal tract". I had been pre-warned about this and how bad it tasted but I kinda blew it off and thought it couldn't be that bad. Well, it was that bad. 1) The texture feels like you are drinking sawdust and 2) it tasted like Vitamins. Lose-lose. I almost threw up several times getting it down but finally made it through. I had an appaling taste in my mouth afterwards but couldn't brush my teeth because I knew that would for sure push me over the edge. And just FYI, I've had no "other" side effects. Next on the list, a Berry Meal Replacement Shake. The second I opened this I smelled the dreaded vitamin smell. I was pretty disappointed because I was really looking forward to having these around for a quick breakfast. It worked but wasn't enjoyable. And the last of the morning pills, some OmegaPlex (helps promote and boost a healthy metabolism, as well as 10-12 other things that I'm not concerned with). They are the size of a grape and I am horrible at swallowing pills, not to mention my gag reflux was still in full force from that damn Fiber Drink. At least these were gelcaps and didn't dissolve in my mouth while I was getting enough courage to swallow. Hence what's to come later.   

On Day 1 of the cleanse, it is recommended to eat all Fruits and Veggies. I tried. I really tried but was starving by dinner so caved had a small chicken patty. I have always loved fresh ground turkey but decided to try this Tyson Ground Chicken on the grill and loved it! (I would definitely recommend it.) Took two more OmegaPlex with dinner and last but not least, took three Herbal Cleanse Tablets (cleanses impurities & toxins from liver, kidney, and blood) before bed. These were also the size of grapes, were not gelcaps, and made me very, very sick. Thankfully I was able to lay still enough that I was able to keep them down...and woke up this morning feeling great. Thank God Day 1 is in the record books but more importantly OVER, and cheers that Day 2 has been much smoother. That is the jist of the first 10 days. I stop with the Fiber after tomorrow and add in some Probiotic Restore pills as well as something else on Day 4, I believe.

In summary, I was very hungry on Day 1 (only lost 1.8 pounds) and peed a lot. Day 2 was much better: drank the Fiber drink super cold and super fast which made it tolerable, added 1/2 a banana to my shake which made it taste much better, ate some pretty good snacks,
 a great lunch,
 and a decent dinner. I'm about to swallow some Herbal Cleanse Tablets and try to get to sleep before I get nauseous. Good night!

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