Advocare 24-day Challenge

I've technically been on a continous diet the last 4 years since January and still weigh more than I did 4 years ago the same as I did last Christmas. Nice. But let's all agree, weight-loss sucks and blogging about it makes things more fun so you get to come along for the ride. I'm not even going to pretend: I don't know a whole lot about this stuff but I've heard a lot of success stories, 3 of which are people that are very close to me. Hey, what I've been doing isn't working so maybe this will help! And while we are at it, let's state the obvious - spending money on something usually makes me try harder.   
With that said, I am going to attempt participate in the Advocare 24-day challenge. The first 10 days are a Cleanse and the next 14 are just continued supplements, combined with clean eating. Sounds easy enough, right? I have been trying to do a version of the 17-day diet with low-carb/no-carb since before I went to Washington DC but somehow since I've returned, I gained the 12 pounds I lost back plus another 5. That was a fun day on the scale! But like I said, I'm used to the low-carb, white meat, fruits, and veggie thing so this "diet" isn't too far out there from what I've already been trying to do, which is why I hopped on board. I mean, every single fad diet tells you the same thing: Meat, Veggies, Fruits, Healthy Fat - no matter which way they word it, those are always the basics. This program supports that theory as well.
Being prepared is key for me.
My first ever Spark! This energy drink is the main thing people rave about. They say you'll never want a pop again. I'm pretty sure I'll be drinking a Diet Pepsi on Day 25.
Back-up supply of veggies at work.

I'm not going to blog every day but will be back tomorrow with a recap of Day 1. So far I've been HUNGRY but let's see if the scale drops in the morning before I can say if it has been worth it or not. For as many times as I've peed used the restroom today, I'm thinking it will. Has anyone else tried Advocare or done the 24-day Challenge? I'd love to hear your story.

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