A day in the life...

My friend Darci did a link up the other day for A Day in the Life. I enjoyed her post so much that I thought it would be fun to do my own. Plus, my blog is lacking as of lately and I need something fun to blog about. So, here goes:

6:20: Alarm goes off and I hop out of bed. No snooze, ever. I am 100% a morning person. (Take note later as to what time I go to bed!) My alarm is set for 6:25 on purpose so that I have 5 minutes to pee, get in the tub, and get my water ran before the news starts again at 6:30. I lay in the tub and watch the first 7 minutes of the KOAM news and Weather while I get woke up.
After all the mandatory bathroom stuff, I get Tylee up at 7am and leave her in bed watching cartoons so she can start waking up for school. Funny how all summer long she was in my bathroom at 6:30 nagging me to turn on cartoons but now when I need her to be up, she sleeps in. I finish up my stuff and then get her dressed and ready for school.  
This morning I needed to get gas, which takes up my 10 minute breakfast timeslot, so we didn't have time for any breakfast at home. She ate dry cereal on the way to school.
7:40: Gas and special breakfast for Mama. I fill up my Jeep up every other Monday, all the way to the brim. This gets me to and from work for 10 days in a row with no extra little fill-ups. If I make any extra trips to town at all, I'll have to fill up before work on Friday. I am very stingy with my gas!
Now, I won't lie, I stop at the gas station multiple times a week for breakfast. This is my favorite breakfast ever. It's called a Zapper and I wish I never knew it existed. I try to stay away from them but it is hard! When I was on Weight Watchers I asked for the nutritional info and they are 10 points. Yikes! Now that I've been trying to do no/low carb (pretty unsucessfully, I may add) they obviously aren't on my diet at all.
7:50: Preschool drop off. TJ and I split this based of who is going to be in town at what time but this morning, it was my turn. Honestly, I love it when its my turn.
8:00: On the dot, I pull up to work. Sometimes I'm a couple minutes late depending on the school traffic but this is why TJ and I try to split drop-off...so I'm not late every day. The 7:50am minimum drop-off time sucks! 
Work, Work, Work.

12:00: Lunch! Forgot mine today so am having Chicken Strips and Mashed Potatoes from the grocery store down the street. Diet = Fail.
Work, work, work. 4:30: HOME!
5:00pm: The first thing I do when I walk in the door is find Tylee's backpack. 4 out of the 5 days it has a drawing simliar to these. The other day it has a painting that she did. Mrs. Hansen said she goes to the "Writing Center" during Center-time almost every day. We've been encouraging her to try some other Centers but hey, maybe she is going to be a famous artist. Can't hinder a girls dream! (The one of the left is a hot air balloon. TJ and I are in the balloon and Tylee is asleep in the basket. The one on the right is a butterfly puppet.)  
After that, Merle gets his dinner.
5:15pm: ASAP, I start our dinner. I literally want to eat the second I walk in the door. Tonight, Tj cooked steaks and threw some potatoes in the oven. I made corn inside but his steaks made for a better picture.  
6:30pm: After dinner, I went for a walk/run. I usually wait for my dinner to digest and after I have the mess cleaned up but it looked like it was going to rain so I went as soon as we were done eating. Thankfully I made it back to the truck before I got wet!
7:00pm: I gave Tylee the option whether she wanted a bath first or to play Lalaloopsy first and she chose her bath.
7:30pm: Lalaloopsy-time! I usually try to do one activity with Tylee each night. Sometimes it is a game of Guess-Who with Dad, sometimes it is coloring in the living room while watching TV, and sometimes its Mom/Tylee time with some good 'ol fashioned make-believe. But let's be real here, sometimes I send her off to play all by her little lonesome while I read my Nook and spend some time with the hubs.  
8:00pm: Bed-time for Tylee.
8:05: Tylee needs a drink.
8:07: Tylee needs a snack.
8:09: Tylee needs another hug.
8:10: Tylee forgot to feed Sarah.
8:30pm: Whew! After all that is done, we finally get some downtime. Most of the time, TJ and I lay in the living room and watch TV together, but sometimes Merle and I go on to bed and indulge in some Kardashians or read on my Nook.
9:00pm: My goal is to be in bed by 9pm. It usually takes me awhile to wind down so I'm usually not asleep until 9:30 or 10:00 but, if I'm being real, there are nights I'm asleep by 8:30 as well. See above: morning person!

Well, wasn't that fun? I really did enjoy taking the pictures that day so who knows, maybe I'll make this a yearly occurence!

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