Sneak Peek

In 12 hours, Tj and I will be dropping Tylee off at her 1st day of true Preschool. I've been very, very anxious about all this, talked to everyone that would listen about the whole ordeal, yet have finally found some peace. I doubt I have peace at 8:10 in the morning as I'm leaving my baby in a school with over 300 kids but hey, at least I have peace at the moment. And I didn't cry at her Sneak Peak!
I didn't mention this before but my friend in the district took me to tour Mrs. Hansen's room last year when we were exploring preschool's and I fell in love. It was so cute and clean and Mrs. Hansen was exactly what I envisioned a preschool teacher to be like. Tylee is going to love her. (Although she wouldn't say a single word to her at the Sneak Peek.)
We just finished up a meal of Steak, Bacon, and Macaroni (Tylee's choice) and I'm off to tuck my little girl in bed for school tomorrow. I guess we are as ready as I'm ever going to be...

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