We attended our 2nd Elkstock rib-cook off this past weekend and although I'm thankful for the rain, it pretty much made for a crappy weekend camping.
Thankfully, we were in Chanute so I went and hung out with my sister, Mom, and Dad while Tj and his friends braved the rain and cooked ribs. We always cook dry ribs (no sauce) but last year, wet ribs won so he decided to change things up a bit. Whenever I tasted them, I wasn't thrilled with his new techinique but apparently the judges were...because he won! What do I know? 
It cleared up most of the afternoon and Papa came out and fished with Tylee. That was definitely the highlight of the weekend for her.
This was as close as she would come to the catfish and was obviously forced there. Hilarious.
Our camper was trashed because of the rain and mud but hey, at least we have bragging rights for a year because of our TJ's ribs!

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