1st Day of School

Tylee was so excited for her 1st day of school and to be honest, I woke up feeling great about it too. We had a long night the night before that included a lot of out-of-the-ordinary waking up and being scared, as well as a random accident. I think she may've been a little anxious, but excited none-the-less. Our morning was far from blissful (read: up all night, wet sheets, and an unexpected bath) but once we got to the school, all was well.

She took her stuffed animal puppy-dog purse in her backpack "because she wanted to show Sally" (a friend that works there) but I think it was a bit of a comfort item for her. When we saw Sally and showed her the puppy, Tylee told me to hurry and get it back in her bag so we could get to Mrs. Hansen's room. That made me happy. She was ready! Until, that is, it was time for Mom and Dad to leave. We went in her classroom and hung up her backpack, the teacher greeted her but then got distracted with another kid and Tylee would not let go. I eventually got Mrs. Hansen's attention and by that time, she had to peel Tylee off of me. I tried to make it quick, I really did, but it just didn't work out and the tears started coming. Once I knew she was upset, I was upset as well. We left the room but I stuck around outside peeking in for awhile, hoping to see that Tylee had calmed down. No such luck but thankfully, about 10 minutes after we left my friend checked on her and text that all was well in Mrs. Hansen's room. Whew!
When we picked her up at 11, Tylee was all smiles and Mrs. Hansen said she did great. She told us that Tylee even talked to her a little bit, which I guess was an accomplishment considering she wouldn't say at word to her at Open House. I need to give it a few more days before I jinx ourselves and say it is going to be a great year but thankfully, we are headed in the right direction.

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