The Lake

Since I stuck around town on Memorial Day, I was pretty excited to go to the lake on 4th of July. Little did I know, most of my extended family had other plans. When I arrived on Friday night, I was expecting to see lots of cars and lots of cousins running around but instead...everything was empty. I was disapointed but my Dad and Janis are a lot of fun and there is never a bad time to be had at the lake.  
Tylee has aced swimming in pools this summer but she is still scared about lakes. She is deadset that there are sharks in the water and that they are going to get her. I understand the fear of swimming in water you can't see in but I guess I just grew up with it so it never occured to me that it is a plausible fear. It took her awhile but...
she finally conquered her fear!
And even went under water! (Notice how she was holding her nose.) I was so, so happy Saturday morning when I saw my cousins Jeremy and Marci pull up to the beach on their new pontoon. I haven't been out on the lake in a couple years (since the tornado) so was ecstatic to get to go (kid-free!!) on their boat with them for awhile. I think I've said before but being on a boat is one of my favorite things in the world. It was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

After the kids nap and my boat ride, we went to Grandmas for dinner and then down to the beach for a few small fireworks. Like I said, it was nothing like it usually is but Tylee and Brecca had fun so I guess that is all that matters. If I know my family, they aren't going to let that dang tornado win so I have no doubt thing will be closer to normal next year. (And let's not forget that 4th of July was in the middle of the week so that made things strange for everyone.) Don't get me wrong, a bad day at the lake is better than any day at home so really, I can't complain that much - but here's to a better time next year.

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