Birthday Girl

Shortly after I wrote this post, Tylee decided that she would have a party with gifts and cake but it was NOT a birthday party and she would still be 3 after the party. I cannot tell you how many times I said "birthday party" and she corrected me that it was NOT HER BIRTHDAY. Since I was in Washington DC until 2 days before the party, I hadn't planned on doing anything special since we were only inviting family...and ended up with this.
I was pretty proud of myself for throwing that together at the last minute. I spent $.97 each on plates, napkins, and silverware and voila! The rest is leftovers. As most of you can guess, we had a Lalaloopsy-themed party complete with invites, cookies, and cake. Tylee also wore her Lalaloopsy outfit (that I cannot believe I bought) but whatever makes her happy, right? (Although TJ and my sister both laughed whenever Tylee put on her "party outfit" thinking that I would die because that is what she wanted to wear. I was actually proud of myself and didn't mind one bit because I knew how happy it made her.)
It was 100 degrees outside that day so I made a last minute decision to text the people with kids to bring their swimsuits. The kids had a blast playing in the water and it kept them busy for quite awhile. (It took me 1.5 hours to fill that blue pool with water balloons and they were gone in 5 minutes.)

I tried to organize a water-balloon fight. It didn't work out so well.
I was a little worried about her presents because she has quite the attitude these days. We talked about it before and she told me several snooty things including, "People are going to get me whatever I want and nothing I don't want." And, "I'm getting anything I want because its my party." I'm sure it is typical 4-year old jargon but it still made me nervous she wouldn't be appreciative. She did great! She loved everything and was super excited after every gift.
Especially her Lalaloopsy house. (We now have 13 Lalaloopsy's if anyone is counting.)
She actually let me put 4 candles on her cake and let us sing Happy Birthday, which was a step up from what I was thinking would happen. She spent a few days with Nanny and the girls after the party and when she came home, she had decided that she was officially 4.
"4-year olds get to do whatever they want and no one can tell them what to do."
"4-year olds don't have to throw their trash in the trash can because they are 4."
"4-year olds can have snacks whenever they want."
"4-year olds get chocolate milk before bed because they don't get cavities."
"4-year olds get to stay up late and don't have to go to sleep at nighttime."
I kinda wish she was 3 again.

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