Washington DC - Day 5

Tuesday morning, we went to the Capitol and had breakfast with our congressmen. After breakfast, we toured the Capitol building. To say it is beautiful is an understatement.
After our tour, we met outside on the steps with Senator Moran and Senator Roberts. Senator Roberts said hello and then had to get to a meeting but Senator Moran sat and talked with us for over an hour. It was pretty fun watching some of the kids be star-struck and listening to them ask him questions. I, on the other hand, didn't even take a picture of them. Politics and me just don't mesh but I'm not saying I didn't enjoy meeting with them because it really was interesting.

The morning was a long one for the kids (suits and tie for the boys and dresses for the girls) so after everything at the capitol, we headed to the mall. It was a neat 3 story mall but ohmigod, the best part was walking around all by MYSELF! I even went in Sephora and asked a few questions about some eye stuff. And I won't lie, I spent over an hour in William Sonoma and didn't buy anything.

After the trip to the mall, we went back to Iwo Jima for a performance by the Marine Drum Corp and Silent Drill team. It was awesome. Very moving and something I won't ever forget.
On the way back to the motel, we made a quick stop by the WWII Memorial. I was pretty much over memorials and monuments by this point but am so glad we stopped because it was beautiful. Probably my favorite one.

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