Washington DC - Day 4

Monday morning was the Youth Conference at the hotel and we got to sleep in a little because Chaperones weren't needed until 10am. You know what time my internal clock went off? 6:30am (5:30am in Kansas) Nice job, internal clock! We started the day eating lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl. Lots of famous people have been there and it's all over Food Network and Travel Channel. Neat place.  
After lunch, we hit up the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. Notice I only have one picture. 
 After that, we headed to Mt. Vernon. By far my favorite place that we toured but I will admit that I had no idea what Mt. Vernon was before I left Kansas. Ha! (I asked some friends after I got home and they weren't sure either.) 90% of it was authentic which made it all very interesting. Again, no photography in the actual house.
He also requested that he be buried at his home so this is where his tomb is.
We had dinner at Mt. Vernon and then had about an hour drive back to Washington DC. I'm not sure one person on that bus was awake, except the driver! We picked up our peronal tour guide, Amy, and then headed to more memorials. Even though we got a late start, this was possibly the most exhausting day we had. Everything was packed, I was exhausted, and I guess emotionally drained. All of these places were neat but I wasn't awed or saddened by them.

 Korean War Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
 The exact spot Martin Luther King stood to give his "I Have a Dream" speech. I didn't know this until I went but he gave this speech at the Lincoln Memorial. For obvious reason, his memorial wasn't created until after he was killed.
Vietnam Memorial
By this point, my body was barely moving but our last stop was the Roosevelt Memorial. It was very, very beautiful.

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