Washington DC - Day 2

It is hard for me to even explain how amazing this trip is. I am forever indebted to my work for giving me this opportunity. It is honestly the trip of a lifetime and I am very grateful that they allowed me to come. And it is only Day 2! (5 days left and I'm finding it hard to believe that there is anything left to see.) I guess I've been pretty vague as to what I'm actually doing, but I am the chaperon for the Kansas Youth Tour delegates. All (most?) of the Electric Coops in the state pick a high school student to send to Washington DC for Youth Tour week. There are over 1500 kids in Washington this week, at this same hotel. Kansas sends 34 kids and since Hawaii only sends 4, they join us for the week. Now, on to the good stuff!
First stop this morning was the Pentagon Memorial. It was very humbling.

The benches facing the Pentagon represent the people killed that were actually in the Pentagon and the ones facing the other direction, represent the people that were on the plane.
After that (before most of you were out of bed) we swung by the Air Force Memorial. Beautiful.
Next up? National Archives. And I'll admit, I had no idea what that building housed until someone told me. Apparently this is where the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are kept. Unfortunately, no photography allowed but it looks a lot like what you probably think it looks like.
Shirts for the day. It says No Place Like Home in Hawaii'n.
Obviously, The White House.
Madam Tussauds Wax Musuem
This place was UNREAL. I've never been to anything like it. I should probably know who this is/was but I have no idea.
I know who this is though!!
I think we did all that BEFORE lunch. We dined at the Hard Rock (good-bye diet!) and then headed up the block to Fords Theatre. It was very, very interesting and pretty impressive to sit in the theatre and look at the box that Abraham Lincoln was killed in. It did, however, lose it's cool factor once I found out it wasn't authentic. It has been turned into something else and then back into a theatre to look like it did back then. Eh.  
All the books written about Abraham Lincoln.
We finally got back on the bus...but no rest for the weary! We headed to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and watched Sheer Madness. It was hysterical. And who am I kidding? It was pretty nice to sit down for 2 hours. (No photography there, either.)
This picture is of the Air Force Memorial, taken standing on top of the Kennedy Center.
Things I found interesting: There are so many curves and winding roads. There isn't hardly any straight streets. The city was built around a circle and the "blocks" are nothing like in Kansas. It's hard to fathom that people actually know their way around. I was also suprised by how small The White House was. I'm sure if I was standing on the front porch it would be HUGE but its nothing compared to all the other buildings we are seeing. The airport is apparnetly right in the middle of the city so there are planes flying over all day long. I can't imagine how hard that is for the people that worked in the Pentagon on 9/11. It also suprises me that you can see all the monuments from all over town. It seems like we are miles away or in a whole different area but sure enough, when you get off the bus...there is the Washington Monument or the Air Force Memorial off in the distance.

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