Washington DC - Day 1

I doubt I have time to do this everyday but I know I have some people at home that are anxious to hear that I'm here safe and having a good time. Short and sweet.
The Hawaii kids we are traveling with brought us fresh lei's. I wish I could get it home to Tylee but since it's fresh, it didn't last long. They said they would mail me one for her. I hope they do!
The kids at the airport. There are 37 kids and 4 adults. We seem to have a really group!
Our shirts for the day.
When we got into town, we started our "tour" immediately. We saw lots of the monuments last night and I know have several more on the agenda for Monday. We tour the capitol at some point as well, so more pictures of that to come.
Martin Luther King
Jefferson Memorial
View of the Washington Monument from Jefferson Memorial
 Things I've found interesting so far: The landscaping is BEAUTIFUL and I had no idea that the city was surrouded by two rivers. There is water everywhere!! 

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Sunni said...

I love the photos & love D.C. So glad you're doing this & sharing your experience (especially since MLK's monument wasn't open when we were there last year).