Swim Park

If I had to describe my perfect day, today would be close. All we were missing was Dad. We had planned a trip to the Independence water park but TJ got called to work in the middle of the night so it turned into a Mother/Daughter day. Although we missed him, I got in some quality time with my girl. I thought we would grab some McD's on the way in to town and go eat at the park but Tylee wanted a picnic, complete with the basket! The Country Mart sack was not going to cut it!
 We had such a great day and believe it or not, I was the one pulling her out, kicking and screaming. All the diving, jumping in, and slide going was nerve wracking and two hours of fun was all I could take. As stressful as it was, thank goodness we crossed this hurdle. I wouldn't want it any other way!

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