Well, this definitely isn't a post I planned to write anytime soon but unfortunately it's a part of our story and that's the purpose of this blog. Boone died last Sunday. We have no idea what happened, TJ just found him in his dog box. We assume it was a snake bite or a heart attack but I guess the truth of the matter is that it doesn't matter why. He is gone. It was a very lonely night in Washington DC and I would've given anything in that moment to be home with my family; however, I had to make the most of the situation and came to terms with the fact (with some coaxing) that there wasn't anything I could do at home. It wasn't overly comforting to walk in last night and see all his ribbons displayed on the wall but it did remind me of how so proud I was of him. I loved him so much but I am sure the hurt I am feeling, TJ is feeling tenfold. I do have some comfort in knowing he is in heaven with Dutch and we will see them both again. They say you only have one good dog in your lifetime and we were blessed enough to have two.(Sorry Merle.)

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Sunni said...

Oh! My! I'm so very sorry! :'(