The Little Girl that Didn't Want a Birthday

Sounds like a good childrens book title, huh? I hope I have a happy ending and can write a book about this saga when its all over but I'm not seeing things working out that way. A few months ago, Tylee started saying that she didn't want to get any bigger. I blew it off for awhile but eventually figured out that she meant she didn't want any more birthdays. "The only birthday I'm having is a 3 birthday." (Meaning, that is the last birthday she is celebrating. She wasn't meaning that I can have a birthday party and just pretend she is still 3, believe me, I've tried that.) I assumed it would blow over but the closer her birthday gets, the more anxious I am about the situation. We've looked at cakes, I've showed her the 4 candle, I've taunted her with how fun it would be to have all her cousins over and unwrap presents and eat cake. She is NOT changing her mind. Nanny asked her last weekend what she wanted for her birthday and Tylee told Nanny pretty matter-of-factly that she was not having a birthday. She doesn't want presents or cake. Even bribing her with Lalaloopsy's doesn't work.
The only thing that we can think of is that one of us told her awhile back that we didn't want her to get big. You know, one of those, "Stop time! I cannot believe my baby is about to be 4!" comments and apparently she took it to heart. Just last night I asked her what Lalaloopsy she wanted next and she said, "I want Berry Jars and Jams for Christmas." And I said, "Christmas is a long time away, why don't you ask for her for your birthday?" And she said, "I'm not having a birthday. You need to call all my Grandmas and tell them I'm not having a birthday and to get me Berry Jars and Jams for Christmas." Only time will tell but with as many conversations as we've had about this, I'm thinking you can free up June 25th in your calendar, because it doesn't look like you'll be at Tylee's birthday party.  

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