Katy Days 2012

Every year I am disapointed in Katy Days but every year I keep going back. I guess its just something social to do on a Saturday morning.
Thankfully this year, Tylee was thrilled with the petting zoo. I think we were there for an hour on Friday night and at least two hours on Saturday morning. We even got a comment from a bystander that it looked like we had a little farm girl on our hands.
Who knew goats were so social? And didn't smell or pee on you. Always a plus. After our stint at the petting zoo, there was a short parade. And by short, I mean clowns and horses.
We made our way over to the food vendors and got some Kettle Corn and homeade Rootbeer, found a couple of age-appropriate rides, and then headed over to the old Katy Engine to see Dad. (He was working.)
They had some fun face painting but Tylee didn't want anything to do with that and she wasn't quite big enough for all the bouncy houses. Aaaand that about summed up our day at Katy Days. As I've said every year in the past...maybe next year will be a better age. Thankfully, I'm not holding my breath.


Sunni said...

I'm so confused by your 'work' link for TJ...

Tj and Chelse said...

He signed up to work at the Engine do he didn't have to go to Mac!!