Picnic in the Park

I cannot believe that summer is here and Tylee is almost finished with her 1st year of preschool. I've read on other blogs where parents are emotional about this but honestly, I'm just thankful its over. I wouldn't say we fought Tylee to go everyday but she didn't love it. She always seemed like she had fun but to ask her about it, it was never fun. "I missed you too much" was always her answer. I have no idea why she wasn't excited to go and there are way too many variables to try to guess what the issue was. Her teachers are nice, she seems to have lots of friends in her class, they do a lot of fun activities, and they are very structured. When she isn't at school, she is at Grammy's or home with Dad so I'm guessing she just likes her other options better. Who wouldn't, really? Hopefully next year goes better. Anyways, we finished up the year with a play-day at the park.
I was a little concerned with how Tylee would do on the train but apparently the teacher had them pumped up and she just hopped right on. She was all smiles when they left the station but the next time they came around, I snapped the picture below. I knew she wanted off...but the train just kept going! Poor girl.
She was fine once the train stopped and joined her friends for some play in the park. It's neat to watch her interact.
They also had a bean-bag toss and some sac races planned. Tylee won her heat of the bean-bag toss but didn't fair so well in the sac races.
After the races, there was just enough time for a picnic and we wrapped up the day. Short and sweet. Perfect.

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