Bernice State Park

We took our Maiden Voyage camping this past weekend and boy, was it fun! It was seriously like something out of a dream for Tylee. She loved every second of it. What's not to love?
There were flowers, which Tylee wanted to pose with on her own!
And she got to watch Merle fight a rock!
There was Play-dough.
And sand. (She was thrilled to be getting her picture taken, huh?)
And playing on the playground within minutes of rolling out of bed.
There was also a Nature Center. With turkeys!
And Cheetah's.
And fish.
We had to take a short break from camping to go to Boone's HRC test. There isn't much to report other than the fact that he passed but I wanted to document it for memory's sake.

And then we were right back to camping!
More sand!
And the icecream truck came! Tylee's 1st time!
There was delicious food!
And more playgrounds.
Poor Merle did not love camping. I think Tylee's favorite part? Pulling him around on his leash.

There was lots of undocument actvities as well. We played lots of Lalaloopsy, colored, painted, ate popsicles, blew bubbles, colored with sidewalk chalk...the list goes on. See? A complete dream for a 3-year old. And who am I kidding, it was pretty dreamy for Mom and Dad, too.

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