Katy Days 2012

Every year I am disapointed in Katy Days but every year I keep going back. I guess its just something social to do on a Saturday morning.
Thankfully this year, Tylee was thrilled with the petting zoo. I think we were there for an hour on Friday night and at least two hours on Saturday morning. We even got a comment from a bystander that it looked like we had a little farm girl on our hands.
Who knew goats were so social? And didn't smell or pee on you. Always a plus. After our stint at the petting zoo, there was a short parade. And by short, I mean clowns and horses.
We made our way over to the food vendors and got some Kettle Corn and homeade Rootbeer, found a couple of age-appropriate rides, and then headed over to the old Katy Engine to see Dad. (He was working.)
They had some fun face painting but Tylee didn't want anything to do with that and she wasn't quite big enough for all the bouncy houses. Aaaand that about summed up our day at Katy Days. As I've said every year in the past...maybe next year will be a better age. Thankfully, I'm not holding my breath.


Kickoff to Summer

Katy Days Petting Zoo
The old Katy Engine
Taking a break from swimming
Playing in the Sprinkler...
while Mommy laid out
Swimming on her own!
And again!
And of course, the Lalaloopsy's had to get a little pool time too.


Back on the Wagon

If you follow my Instagram feed, you've probably been seeing posts such as these.
I found my "healthy eating" routine again about a month ago and have been doing great. Unfortunately, I fall off the wagon very easily. I mean, one bad meal can totally blow my motivation and I may not start trying again for a year. True story. Hopefully, I've got my mind in the right place this time and I can truly make the lifestyle change that I need to make. I'm about 25 days (and 8 pounds) into it this time and am going strong for a few reasons.

1) It's summer and who likes to be fat in the summer?

2) I've totally changed my mindset. I started this journey with the 17 Day Diet and cheated on days 2, 3, and 4. Bummer but you know what I cheated with? Squash, corn, and 1/2 a baked potato on Mother's Day. Those things aren't bad at all on Weight Watchers but are not allowed on the 17 Day Diet. I like the basic concept of this diet (fruits, veggies, lean meats, and yogurt) but there is no way that I can be that restricted. (I decided that WW was too lenient for me right now. I need more structure.) Before, if I would've "cheated" with corn, I would've felt like I failed, thus woken up the next day and eaten some cookies. I've made up my mind that as long as I follow the basic principal, I am not going to let "life" get in the way, thus making me feel like I failed and turning into a tailspin of bad eating. Lean meat, fruit, and veggies are my goal but if I have a carb or starchy veggie (or beer) every now and then, oh well. Funny how changing your mentality can make the simplest things work.

3) The Couch to 5K program. Don't get me wrong, I really have no intention of running a 5K but I love that this program gives me structure and an excercise goal. Whenever I tried to excercise before, I just went when it was convenient for me. If I was tired or couldn't fit it in one week, I didn't. Then one week off would lead to 2 weeks off, ect. This program is designed to take the non-excerciser from sitting on their couch to being able to run a 5K in 8 weeks. I run/walk 3 times a week and it is a 30 minute program. I am loving it!

4) And last but certainly not least, my work is sending me to Washington DC in a couple weeks. From what I've heard, we walk 10 miles a day in the 100 degree heat and go from 5am to 10pm non-stop. I am the sponsor for 36 highschool students across the state and don't want to be dragging behind the rest of the group. I love having this motivation to help get me in shape before my trip...now its up to me to decide what I'm going to use to keep me going after!


Last Day of Preschool

Can you tell she has a mouthful of donut? Hey, we were running late. (Compare to her 1st day of preschool here.)


Picnic in the Park

I cannot believe that summer is here and Tylee is almost finished with her 1st year of preschool. I've read on other blogs where parents are emotional about this but honestly, I'm just thankful its over. I wouldn't say we fought Tylee to go everyday but she didn't love it. She always seemed like she had fun but to ask her about it, it was never fun. "I missed you too much" was always her answer. I have no idea why she wasn't excited to go and there are way too many variables to try to guess what the issue was. Her teachers are nice, she seems to have lots of friends in her class, they do a lot of fun activities, and they are very structured. When she isn't at school, she is at Grammy's or home with Dad so I'm guessing she just likes her other options better. Who wouldn't, really? Hopefully next year goes better. Anyways, we finished up the year with a play-day at the park.
I was a little concerned with how Tylee would do on the train but apparently the teacher had them pumped up and she just hopped right on. She was all smiles when they left the station but the next time they came around, I snapped the picture below. I knew she wanted off...but the train just kept going! Poor girl.
She was fine once the train stopped and joined her friends for some play in the park. It's neat to watch her interact.
They also had a bean-bag toss and some sac races planned. Tylee won her heat of the bean-bag toss but didn't fair so well in the sac races.
After the races, there was just enough time for a picnic and we wrapped up the day. Short and sweet. Perfect.


Mothers Day

She may have my smile?


The Little Girl that Didn't Want a Birthday

Sounds like a good childrens book title, huh? I hope I have a happy ending and can write a book about this saga when its all over but I'm not seeing things working out that way. A few months ago, Tylee started saying that she didn't want to get any bigger. I blew it off for awhile but eventually figured out that she meant she didn't want any more birthdays. "The only birthday I'm having is a 3 birthday." (Meaning, that is the last birthday she is celebrating. She wasn't meaning that I can have a birthday party and just pretend she is still 3, believe me, I've tried that.) I assumed it would blow over but the closer her birthday gets, the more anxious I am about the situation. We've looked at cakes, I've showed her the 4 candle, I've taunted her with how fun it would be to have all her cousins over and unwrap presents and eat cake. She is NOT changing her mind. Nanny asked her last weekend what she wanted for her birthday and Tylee told Nanny pretty matter-of-factly that she was not having a birthday. She doesn't want presents or cake. Even bribing her with Lalaloopsy's doesn't work.
The only thing that we can think of is that one of us told her awhile back that we didn't want her to get big. You know, one of those, "Stop time! I cannot believe my baby is about to be 4!" comments and apparently she took it to heart. Just last night I asked her what Lalaloopsy she wanted next and she said, "I want Berry Jars and Jams for Christmas." And I said, "Christmas is a long time away, why don't you ask for her for your birthday?" And she said, "I'm not having a birthday. You need to call all my Grandmas and tell them I'm not having a birthday and to get me Berry Jars and Jams for Christmas." Only time will tell but with as many conversations as we've had about this, I'm thinking you can free up June 25th in your calendar, because it doesn't look like you'll be at Tylee's birthday party.  



I don't know if you guys remember my struggles last summer but Tylee wanted NOTHING to do with the water. Those of you that know me know that was a huge deal for me. I love everything about the sun, water, and boats and it was very disturbing for me to know that Tylee wanted nothing to do with any of it. Even mentioning the word "swimming" would send her in a tailspin with her panicked little voice with a bunch of, "No! I don't want to. I'm scared." I never pushed the issue and just spent our days lounging by her little pool and sitting on the beach.
Brax had his birthday party last weekend at his Gma and Gpa's and and Tylee was totally against swimming...until she saw pictures of Brynna in the water Friday night. First thing Saturday morning Tylee was up, packed the swim bag, and was ready to go! "Tell Braylee not to help me swim, Mom. I don't want any help, okay? Will you please tell Braylee that?" Like helping Tylee was on the top of Braylee's list of things to do that night. :-D
Obviously Tylee was all talk because it only took her a split second after stepping off the bottom step before she needed help. THANK YOU GOD that she loved every second of it. There were definitely nerves flaring and several times that she kinda freaked out but this was a HUGE hurdle and we've finally passed it. It can only get better from here and I know she'll be swimming like a fish once I get in with her and am able to help her a little. (I like water but I don't like it enough to be swimming in a newly open COLD pool in April!)
Lindsey, on the other hand, has the totally opposite problem and its going to be interesting watching everything evolve this summer. Brynna got a small taste of freedom in that pool and hasn't looked back since. She is a dare-devil and I have to admit, for the first time in awhile, I'm a tad thankful that I have a timid one.


Sarah and Emily

We have two new pets at home, bringing our total to four.
 Does anyone know anything about taking care of a turtle? We are on Day 3 and "she" won't eat the turtle food. I am afraid Emily may have to make her way back in to nature and that will make for one sad little girl.


Bernice State Park

We took our Maiden Voyage camping this past weekend and boy, was it fun! It was seriously like something out of a dream for Tylee. She loved every second of it. What's not to love?
There were flowers, which Tylee wanted to pose with on her own!
And she got to watch Merle fight a rock!
There was Play-dough.
And sand. (She was thrilled to be getting her picture taken, huh?)
And playing on the playground within minutes of rolling out of bed.
There was also a Nature Center. With turkeys!
And Cheetah's.
And fish.
We had to take a short break from camping to go to Boone's HRC test. There isn't much to report other than the fact that he passed but I wanted to document it for memory's sake.

And then we were right back to camping!
More sand!
And the icecream truck came! Tylee's 1st time!
There was delicious food!
And more playgrounds.
Poor Merle did not love camping. I think Tylee's favorite part? Pulling him around on his leash.

There was lots of undocument actvities as well. We played lots of Lalaloopsy, colored, painted, ate popsicles, blew bubbles, colored with sidewalk chalk...the list goes on. See? A complete dream for a 3-year old. And who am I kidding, it was pretty dreamy for Mom and Dad, too.