Tulsa Zoo

It has been Tj and I's tradition to take Monday's off and do our "fun things" during the week. I assumed it was a little less crowded but I didn't know how much better it really was until I went with Lindsey's family to the Tulsa Zoo last weekend. It was packed! Last time Tj and I went, we pulled right up and parked on the front row. When I went with Lindsey, we literally parked a few feet from the EXIT. However, once we got inside it wasn't too bad.
The only animals I really want to see at the zoo are the big ones: Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Rhino's, Elephants, ect. I guess I like Africa. We took the wrong route and unfortunately, those things were some of the very last things we saw. Tylee was very aprehensive about the whole trip but we talked on the way down about being brave and how Mommy would not letting anything happen to her. Our first test was the petting zoo.
Tylee decided she would rather stay outside and play with her Lalaloopsy...
until she saw her cousins petting the goats!
I was so proud of her!
After that, it was smooth sailing! We didn't have any meltdowns the rest of the day.
Well, there was a fight when Tylee yelled at Braylee and told her, "See, told you these weren't the Zebras." And the fight over which animal they got to ride on the carousel. And the emergency pit-stop at the Icee station and Tylee's meltdown because she wanted the Green one, not red...okay, so there were plenty of meltdowns but at least they weren't because she was scared of the animals!!

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