Preschool Field Trip

I took last Thursday morning off and went to the Fire Station with Tylee's preschool. I went and visited her school in the Fall but it was way too early in the year and she just kinda clung to me. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I knew she needed time to adjust without me so I have avoided field trips or visiting for most of the year. When I realized that this may be the last one, I decided to give it a go. 
I was so proud of Tylee! She sat with her class, talked to her friends, and even volunteered to do the activity! A huge improvement!! They had to lay down on the bed, wait for the smoke alarm to beep, crawl under the smoke, feel the door to see if it was hot, go to the window and call out for help, then crawl out backwards. She aced it!
Here she is volunteering to hold the Firemans glove!
The Fire Station did a great job teaching the kids about fires and fire safety. I was very impressed! Tylee was so excited about the whole deal as well, which is great.
After the field trip, I hung around in Tylee's class and watched recess and helped with snack time. I asked her teacher how she is doing compared to the beginning of the year and she told me that she was very quiet. I must've looked shocked because she said, "Is she not quiet at home?" Ummm...no. Very much the opposite. Ha! She said she is really good though, interacts with the kids (although she said she doesn't know if they actually talk when they play), and talks when necessary. Overall, I was pretty pleased with her progress. We had a great day together and I'm actually kinda sad that I've opted out of the other field trips. Oh well, I have 13 more years to go on field trips with her, because we all know she'll want me around when she is a senior, right?

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Sunni said...

Those are great photos and great times together! How fun.

p.s. those are some super-intense hangers that they use at the fire department.