It was our tradition when I was a little girl to start off the lake season with Easter. The Easter Bunny always came down there to hide eggs and leave our baskets out. I have some very fun memories of Easter at the lake so when my Dad invited Tj, Tylee, and I down - I was so excited! My little family of 3 at my favorite place in the world on Easter. Can't beat that!

My Dad is a pro and loves to color Easter Eggs. My Grandpa used to always make eyes out of his eggs and of course, like father like son. Tylee had no idea why she was putting an egg up to her eye but she thinks Papa is so funny that she just did whatever he did. Not a good idea, Tylee!
Tylee's 2nd cousins were there too and it was fun to see them play. I was close to my cousins growing up and I hope the same for Tylee. She is off to a pretty good start!
It rained and rained and rained some more (hence Tylee's hair in the picture above) but we didn't let that spoil our fun! Tj got my Dad's canopy wired, we colored eggs, vistited with Grandma, ate some delicious food...and waited on the Easter Bunny to come Sunday morning!
He came! Tylee is Lalaloopsy-crazy right now so he brought her a basket full of goodies as well as the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair doll. Spoiled rotten!
Poor Boone! His feet hurt so bad from all the rocks, he wouldn't even go for a walk with Tj, Tylee and I on Sunday morning. He was ready to go HOME...but I know a couple of girls that weren't ready! Soon enough, soon enough.


Sunni said...

So sweet! Great photos & great fun...it just doesn't get better than that.

Tara said...

You're creating such good memories! I LOVE her curly hair!