When I got in my car from work and the thermometer said over 70 degrees, I knew we had to do something outside. Apparently, everyone else in Labette County had the same idea because the park was packed! Tylee has been asking me to have a picnic all winter but as soon as we got sat down with our food, she was too excited to eat. We may have to picnic somewhere less fun next time.
She was soooo annoyed with my picture taking. Guess I spoke too soon the other day! So I bribed her with one picture while she was swinging and I promised I wouldn't bother her again. (Hence the reason the rest of them are of her not looking.)
  Welcome Spring! I am so glad you are here. I know we didn't really even have a winter but either way, thanks for coming and I hope you stay awhile! (Although if I'm being honest, I wouldn't mind one good snow.)

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