Grand Lake

I absolutley love St. Patty's Day. It's pretty hard to pull me away from some green beer but when my Dad mentioned going to the lake, I threw all my plans out the window and hopped on board! He actually changed his mind once and decided not to go but I lured him back in to going (I'll help! We can burn brush! And I'll cook!) and (I think) he was happy he did.
I thought the girls could pick up sticks while Dad and I got a couple fires going but they were bored in like .2 seconds. Yah, I guess I remember picking up sticks being more fun? So they colored and had free roam of the place most of the weekend. Hey! The tornado taking all the trees wasn't such a bad thing after all - we could see the kids walking around no matter where they went! (A 9-year old cousin definitely helps in the babysitting department though!)
The big girls thought they found a snake in the water but Tylee didn't want to get too close. I thought it was cute. She trusts them but not that much! FYI: It wasn't a snake, it was just an electric cord.
There are lots (and lots and lots and lots) of trees to cut and burn from the tornado but we were only able to tackle one pile this weekend. Thank god my Dad knew more about it than I did because I basically just wanted to light it and throw stuff in. What more is there to do, right? Wrong! Thank god he cut everything away from all the other trees and got the hose out before we lit it because it got unbelievably big very fast! The wind was also blowing (hence the reason we only were able to tackle one pile) which didn't help matters but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a tad worried. That hose came in handy!        
Trees, trees, and more trees!

We eventually got the fire under control (and decided not to burn anymore!) and were able to relax and enjoy the rest of our weekend.
It was great being down there again and I cannot wait to go back. Tylee loved every second of it and was so sad to leave that she wouldn't even give me a smile. That makes me so happy.


The Peter Family said...

Looks like Safari was a hit! And the fire make me a little nervous too and I wasn't even there!

Tj and Chelse said...

Safari, Rainbow, Magic, Racoony, and Owl all went! Maybe the deserve a post of their own?