Oklahoma Aquarium

In our usual last minute fashion, I took the day off on Monday and we took Tylee to the Aquarium in Jenks, OK. We have kinda started a tradition of doing things on a Monday rather than Saturday or Sunday and it always seems to work out great. We were one of the only people there and had free reign of the place.
That, however, didn't really matter because Tylee was scared the entire time. Ugh, its so frustrating! I guess the anticipation of seeing the sharks must've been weighing on her because she was scared of almost everything.
Frightened toddler aside, I had lots of fun taking pictures and being challenged by the crappy lighting, glass, and glares. I was really excited with how some of them turned out. No cute ones of Tylee but some neat ones of the fish!

We had a great day as a family but the place doesn't come highly recommended by me. Its kinda pricey and took us less than an hour to walk through. If it was part of a zoo exhibit (like in Omaha) I would have great things to say about it but on its own, its just okay. I guess our scared toddler may've had something to do with my opinion.
Yah, fun times.

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Wyatt's Momma said...

We went there in July and we thought it was too expensive as well. Especially since it took us a lot of time to stretch the trip into an hour. Did they have the addition built yet? They were working on something new while we were there.