Year in Review 2011

We experienced our 1st snow of the year shortly after Christmas

 to be followed up by an 80 degree day in January
 and another BIG snow storm the 1st of February.
 We re-did your nursery and gave you a big girl room.
 And watched you grow into a Toddler.
We went camping  
 and Potty-Trained.
 We celebrated Easter
 and got you a big girl bed.
We experienced the tornado at the lake
 and celebrated Mother's Day with family.
 We went to North Dakota for Mommy's work
 and went camping again.
 We went to Branson with Grandma Ann and your cousins
 and celebrated you turning 3!!
 We really enjoyed 4th of July
 and camped some more.
 We went to the "swim-park" in Chanute
 and got Merle.
 More camping... 
 and then you started school.
We made it to the lake for the 1st and last time this summer on Labor Day
 and made our annual trip to the fair.
 We went to the pumpkin patch with your cousins
 and took some Halloween photos.
We went camping for Poppy's 80th birthday
and had a very low-key Thanksgiving (without any pictures.)
We started off the Christmas season with a trip to the Christmas Tree Farm
and ended it with lot of family time and even more toys.
What a wonderful year.

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