I finally got with the times and officially have a smart phone. Woo-hoo!! I literally opened the box, went straight to the App store, and downloaded Instagram within the first 10 seconds of picking up my new phone. I knew it would be love at first sight - and it was. I promised myself I would never replace my DSLR with phone snaps but it sure is fun (and handy!) to have. I'm joining up with Life Rearranged today to share some of the "sweet, silly, simple, and fun" moments of our week.
1. My current read.
2. Tylee and her 3rd best friend, Rainbow.
3. Toms
4. The park
5. I make myself forget about the germs - she loves these cars at the grocery store.
6. Barbies on a Friday Night
1. Boone-diggity
2. Homeade Pizza Night
3. Making Bracelets
4. Visiting Gma Ann's
5. Tylee and Buterscotch
6. "Excitibality may occur, especially in children." True Story.
1. Snowman from Preschool
2. Sunrise
3. Merle never gets far from Mama.
4. Princess Tylee 
5. Merle and Mama, again
6. The mall.

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Holly said...

I love your pink Toms! I really want some!