If you are wondering what we are going do with a 4 foot tall horse in our living room, wonder no more! I was actually a little concerned as well when Lindsey offered to give us Butterscotch for a Santa present. She got it on sale on Black Friday for Brynna but when she realized how big it was, she thought maybe we would want it for Tylee. Tylee said something different every time you asked her what she wanted from Santa but had settled on "one of those puppies that walked and had a leash." (A Furr Real puppy.) All I had to do was ask her if she knew they made a horse that was like that puppy and she was sold.
I watched some videos of Butterscotch on YouTube and the kids looked bored with him after the initial excitment wore off. That is where Tylee's imagination comes into play. This girl...I don't even know how to describe it. She can play with the smallest thing for HOURS. She makes up the most elaborate stories and has every detail thought out. For instance, she'll run into the living room and tell me that Ken and Ariel were going to get married and the Taylor Swift song was on and the wedding was about to start but Jasmine was mad because she wanted to marry Ken so she hit Ariel and made Ariel cry so the Beast came and gave Ariel a hug and now the wedding was about to begin! Come on, Mom! come watch the wedding! Then when I get in there, Ariel decided she doesn't like the shoes she has on and wants the purple shoes that Jasmine has on. So we find the right shoes, start the song over, and the wedding finally begins. This goes on for hours.
A lot of times her animals talk to her when we are away from the house too. We'll be at Wal-mart and she'll say, "Tylee! When are you going to come home? I am hungry!" And then she'll say, "That was Butterscotch. He is silly." Then she'll say, "We are hungry too Tylee! We want some Chicken!" Then she will clarify, "That was Racoony and Owl. We better get home Mom." Needless to say, Butterscotch is played with plenty - even when we aren't home.
Lately, she has been putting on shows in her room with her "Stylish Ponies." She is Taylor Swift and the ponies are the band. Sometimes she wants you to come watch but lots of times she is fine in there by herself. If I am watching, she'll tell me to say, "Oh, look how beautiful Taylor is. Look at those sparkly shoes!" Then she struts out of her closet and plays her guitar, sings, and dances around to the music in her Tutu and glitter shoes. I am amazed by her creativity and I often think how it will affect her in the future. Will she be an artist? A performer? Or just some weird lady that talks to her stuffed animals?

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