Finley Family Christmas

After a loooong day on Christmas, we got up bright and early on Monday and went back to Chanute to have Christmas with Papa and Janis. I left my camera in the car but the highlight of that Christmas was that Tylee got an Easy Bake Oven! I just couldn't wait for Tylee to reach the 8+ age limit that it recommends. In hindsight, the "baking process" is a lot of waiting for a 3-year old but she does enjoy it and asks to bake something almost every day. Those cakes and cookies sure aren't what I remembered...they are TINY. And gross!
After we left my Dad's, we headed to the Pavilion for Christmas with my Grandma Katy and the Finley family. It was/is just as crazy as my Mom's but with way, way, way more room. I was really looking forward to the Finley Christmas this year because we haven't gotten to see my Aunts, Uncles and cousins like we normally do because of the tornado at the lake.
My Dad got a remote-control helicopter and had a lot of fun flying it around. The kids loved chasing it.
That wrapped up our big Christmas' for the year and I couldn't have been happier. Tj's Dad and girlfriend came out for one last low-key celebration and brought Tylee some more presents (just what she needed!) but I was happy to see the Christmas celebrations come to an end. I hate that I felt that way but cramming 7 Christmas' into 2 days was a tad much. Even Tylee was tired!

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