Christmas Day

Tylee wakes up before 7am every single day. Went to bed at 11pm? Up at 5:45am. Hasn't napped for 4 days and is completely exhausted? Maybe she will sleep in tomorrow! NEVER. Since we have our own little alarm clock, it is very rare for TJ and I to sleep past 6:30 or 7:00 as well. I bet you can see where this is going: Christmas morning Dad and Mom woke up at 5am, Tylee was still sound asleep at 7:30am. We finally got tired of waiting (and got tired of watching A Christmas Story on repeat) and woke up her.
She wasn't over-the-moon-thrilled with her Santa present but that is what she asked for so that is what he brought. We quickly moved on to her stocking, which was a little more exciting.

Aaaand what she has been waiting over a month for...

After our little Christmas at home, we headed to Nanny's for more presents and more time with her cousins.

 To say she is spoiled is an understatement! I unpacked, put away, and organized about 10 different times over the 5 day break and still have piles of toys that need to find a place to rest. And to top it all off, we still have 2 more to go!

Christmas Eve

We kept our Christmas Eve tradition with Grammy this year and decorated cookies for Santa. Tylee lasted about .2 seconds before she was over the whole thing (and we had even made the dough the day before!) so I think next year it is going to be a "Decorate the cookies that Mom already made with Grammy on Christmas Eve" tradition.
Trying to eat a cookie and watch cartoons but she had a helper.
After the cookies and dinner, we headed to town to look at lights. We started a little too late and Tylee was tired. We drove by a few houses, made our way to see Santa on the roof (a man has dressed up as Santa on the same roof in town for over 30 years now), and headed home to set out the Reindeer Food, Cookies, and Milk.

Tylee was really excited this year and I think we experienced 100% pure innocence with regards to Santa. Last year she asked tons of questions and wanted to know where his reindeer were, why couldn't we hear him, where was Mrs. Claus, did the elves come, ect but this year, she just flat-out believed. Plain and simple. There were a few questions throughout the month but on Christmas Eve, we just followed our little traditions, got in bed, and waited for Santa to come.
He came!


Christmas Vacation

Unfortunately, my Christmas break started off bad because sweet little Tylee decided to share her strep throat with me. I took her to the doctor last Tuesday and she got her first round of anti-biotic (ever). She was back to normal in no time but around 12am on Friday morning, I highly regretted sharing that damn straw with her. I used to get strep throat, oh, once a month from September - March but haven't had it in years so thought I was immune. Yah, hahaha, not so much. Jokes on me! I spent about 18 hours in bed and finally rejoined the living Saturday morning. The weekend was spent lounging around the house in our PJ's, snapping a few pictures of my Holiday Decor because I never took any and I'm not sure one person saw it, and getting the dough ready to make Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
(I make the best brownies and pancakes, Dad makes the best Steak and Ramen noodles, and Tylee is the best egg-cracker in our family. Be on the lookout for shells whenever you eat a baked good or noodle from my house.)
Sunday night we had our first round (of 7) Christmas' at my Mom's house. All the kids were stoked and ready to go!
These girls have quickly become best friends.
We brought home 3 Lalaoopsy's from this gathering. (Official count coming after the last two Christmas' this weekend!)
I love Christmas at my Mom's house. After I moved out and got married, Christmas morning at home was one of the biggest things I missed. I am glad that we still try to recreate the day, even if it isn't at 5am on Christmas morning complete with gifts from Santa and a fight with my brother to get out of bed already!


Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Elks Christmas Party

Last week we had 3 parties to attend 3 nights in a row. This week, we have nothing. Figures. Last Tuesday night was my work Christmas Party. Tylee was stoked about going and asked if there would be dancing. Sorry babe, it's not that kind of party. She was all about getting ready and kept telling me all the different things that beautiful girls do. We put on blush, sparkles, perfume, bracelets, headbands, and boots. Wednesday night was her cousin Braylee's birthday party - but we didn't get dressed up for that. And last but not least, Thursday night was the Elks Kids Christmas Party. I helped her pick out her dress and the next thing I knew, out she came with makeup, sparkles, perfume, bracelets, headbands, tights, and boots. I cleaned  up some of her handy work (aka, the lipstick) but let her wear the rest. You can't hinder a beautiful girls' dream!
Santa came in and asked who was on the good list...
Watching her open this one single present has gotten me so excited for Christmas.
I left early Saturday morning to go shopping with my Mom and Ssister and not long after I left, Tylee called freaking out because I wasn't home and didn't we have a party to go too? Her excitement for Holiday Parties almost makes me wish we had another party to attend before the season ends.
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Santa Baby


Trimming the Tree

For my neice Brecca's first Christmas, my sister and her husband (as well as me, my Mom, and brother) took her to the Christmas Tree farm. It was magical and fun and I was so happy to be creating such wonderful memories with my neice. We drank cider and picked out the perfect tree, watched them cut it down, shake and bag it.
4 years ago, we took Tylee to the Christmas Tree Farm here in town and I hoped to have the same magical feelings that I did that day with my neice. No such luck. "Tylee is too little to understand!" I told myself. "Next year will be better!"  
I think the next year was better but honestly, I have no memories from that day and for some reason, instead of elaborating on my blog - I posted the lyrics to Oh Christmas Tree! Must've been exciting...
Hey look, I did write about our adventure in 2010! But it seems that Tylee cried the entire time because she wanted a baby tree. Magical, I tell ya!
And last but not least, 2011. I remember it being a fun day but Tylee could've cared less about the whole deal. I think once you've been to the tree farm and it just becomes a part of what you do, you don't appreciate it as much because you don't know it is a special treat and that not everyone gets to do.  I also remember getting home with the tree and it being a horrible, horrible experience. As in: we couldn't get it straight in the stand, it kept falling over, the branches weren't straight at all, there were bare spots everywhere after they shook it out, Tylee wanted to decorate it as soon as we got home...STRESSFUL.
I bet the suspense is killing you as to what we did in 2012...we drove straight to Home Depot, grabbed the fir tree that I've been longing for right out of the bin, got in the truck, and drove home. It is the best tree we've had in Tylee's lifetime and she didn't care or ask one question about where we were going, why we didn't cut it down, or wonder where the cider was. Hmph. Looks like we started a new tradition! (And I finally got my dream tree!!)


30 days and Counting...

Whew! I guess I needed these 4 days off more than I thought I did. Even though my interal clock has still went off every day at 6am, we've still have plenty of much needed rest and relaxation. After I got my noodles made Thursday morning, I made a conscious effort to lay around and enjoy the long weekend with my two loves. Usually staying at home drives me nuts but when Christmas decorations are involved, I'm all for it!

Wednesday night when I was putting Tylee in bed I made her say Thank You for something and she said, "Moooom! Just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean we have to say that all the time." I got lectured again on Thursday that I needed to be nice because hello! It is Thanksgiving! We had a great day Thursday at the Finley's (everyone loved the noodles!) and then ran by my Mom's to visit for awhile. We swung by a friends house on the way home and sat outside by a bonfire - a good end to a pretty great day.

I'll let my pictures do the rest of the talking.
1. Tylee was pretty big stuff getting to hang out at Mommy's work on Wednesday.
2. Movies for a perfect Thanksgiving-Eve
3. Wine - for an even better Thanksgiving-Eve
4. Happy Turkey Day
5. A swag I made at our annual Wreath-Making party on Friday
6. Tylee's tree is finally up! And decorated all by herself.
1. Wistrom came!
2. Merle
3. Christmas Chain (that doesn't start until December 1st...we are already torturing ourselves for 30+days with Wistrom)
4. Crafts
5. The stockings are hung!
6. Another one of Tylee's room decorations

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



I'm trying to be a better blogger (Lindsey, I'm talking to you) so today I'm linking up with some of my friend Darci's friends to tell you all about my fabulous Thanksgiving plans, which pretty much just include: Food. And beer.  
1.What do you look forward to more: the food, football or parades? Obviously, I am addicted to food (including but not limited too 3 of my favorites: noodles, rolls, and stuffing) so that is the obvious answer. I love me some college football but could care less about the NFL so yah, no football for me. As far as the parade? See #4.  

2.What is your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dish? My favorite part of any holiday meal (after the noodles, rolls, and stuffing) is definitely my Grandma Katy's ranch crackers. I guess they are non-typical for most, but have appeared on our Thanksgiving (and Christmas) table for years.  

3.After dinner, is it football or a nap? Neither. My Dad's side of the family plays poker and although I don't play, it is fun to watch everyone else lose all their money. At my Mom's house, there are 6 little ones running around so it is simply not possible to do either of the two. The truth is, we are usually running here, there, and everywhere on Thanksgiving Day so there is no time allowed for either.

4.Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Which is your favorite float? I have become the designated noodle and roll maker in the family so I'm usually up early on Thanksgiving Day. I like to have the parade on in the background while I'm slaving away in the kitchen but at some point, TJ usually comes in and turns it to ESPN.

5.Where do you go to celebrate and eat your big meal? Who is there (family, friends)? Since my parents are divorced, we've started rotating years between families: Mom's one year, Dad's the next. Tj's family is easy (and small) so his Mom either cooks dinner and we go there that evening, or we do it a different day at our house.

6.What is your favorite turkey day dessert? I guess I would say Cherry Delight but I also love Pumpkin Cheesecake. After eating the cheesecake version, regular pumpkin pie is just kinda bleh. Cherry Delight is a standard of Gma Katy's as well and I honesly don't know the recipe but know it involves cream cheese and powdered sugar. Need I say more?

Wasn't that fun? However, I can't do a post about Thanksgiving without mentioning family because that truly is my favorite part about this holiday. I cannot wait to have 4 uninterrupted days with my little Turkey and the hubs, as well as seeing 5 out of 6 of my neices and nephews (We'll miss you, Lowen!), both my Mom and Dad, and both sets of Grandparents. Fun times to come! I can't wait.